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Top 10 Gaming PCs for 2017

We are getting more familiar with laptop and smartphones but for gaming, desktop PCs are still our primary choice. Smartphones, laptops, iPad including consoles are great for gaming. But all of these devices still can’t match the level of gaming PCs.

Built with the necessary processor and high quality graphics card these gaming PCs have all the latest modification to deliver users truly different experience of gaming. Loaded with extraordinary features these gaming PCs also offer other features that will be enough to boost other applications on the PC. You can enhance your skills and get better outputs in photo and video editing because of the built-in 3D graphics.

This year PC gaming is going to be stronger. Many manufacturers including Razer and Logitech are trying to add something incredible to their products. Acer also wants to improvise its market with its ultrabook gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops are portable and stylish than the desktop but a gaming PC allow their users to upgrade the components individually so they never go outclassed and stay updated.
Gaming PCs also provide longer playtime compared to the laptops. So, if you are looking for a gaming PC then you must spend some money on buying these extraordinary gaming machines.

Every year more than billions of units manufactured and sold and the market of gaming PCs is getting bigger day by day. Every manufacturer is working hard to add something new to their products to keep its users updated. Here you can get help with this amazing list of Top 10 Gaming PCs for 2017.

1. Alienware Aurora

Alienware gaming PCs provides a range of systems that will give its users the most hypnotic VR experience you have an encounter before. These products are the future of desktop gaming. The Aurora delivers Oculus virtual reality configuration resulting in a powerful and hypnotic VR experience.

The PSU swing arms are designed to keep the expansion and graphic cards secure. Built with many memory modules with five storage drives makes the device easy to upgrade. The Aurora is the smallest gaming desktop and it is best for offering both liquid cooling and dual graphics.

The gaming capacity and performance can be maximized up to five solid states drive. After enabling jaw-dropping in Aurora desktop users can experience 12K gameplay. To delivers better results this feature is supported by the built-in NVIDIA technology.

2. HP-Omen 870-208na

Loaded with Intel Core i7 processor this PC is perfect for playing the latest games. Experience the magnificent graphics because of the NVIDIA-GTX technology. The brushed metal finish makes the PC looks fantastic to go with any gaming setup. Built with Intel Core i7 processor this gaming PC is one of the powerful PCs available nowadays for gaming purpose.

Its processor is built to handle many tasks at the same time. It means it delivers uninterrupted performance even you play any kind of game. Users can switch between more applications instantly and can work and play at the same time.

The NVIDIA-GTX graphics card helps in delivering smooth gameplay without any lag and excellent graphic with no screen tear. The latest graphic card ensures that the latest games even will achieve their best. Also, users can enjoy unlimited tracks around the globe with the HP Lounge.

3. Orion Gaming PC

Loaded with quad-core processor for fast performance and NVIDIA G-force graphic cards for high-quality graphics, this gaming PC can be the ultimate companion of  gamers. Here I have listed many of its specifications that will be enough for the heart of a gamer.

The AMD Athlon 4.3 GHz quad-core processor, Alpine 64-GT for cooling, HD2 motherboard, NVIDIA-GTX 2GB graphic card, 1TB hard drive, 8GB DDR3 memory, 300 Mbps Wi-Fi, Windows 10, 600W PSU and many other components makes this device an ultimate gaming machine.

4. MSI Aegis Gaming PC

Get ready to experience the intense power of gaming with this MSI Aegis Gaming PC. Equipped with advanced and latest gaming technology with 3 pro strong cooling system make its one of the best gaming PC. Get the best performance from your desktop because of the advanced inbuilt memory.

Gamers who are looking for the perfect machine for playing with no interruptions then this gaming PC will be perfect for them. Having advanced liquid cooling system this PC will help games to achieve their desires of gaming.

The NVIDIA graphics cards will help gamers to experience the best gaming graphic. All this will be happening at the highest frame-rate and that will be an amazing experience.

5. Asus ROG

First of all look at its cutting edge outer space. The futuristic chassis has numerous LEDs fixed across the chassis added a centerpiece and customizable lighting effects and you won’t believe the effects can showcase up to eight million colors. So one can adjust the lighting according to the mood of the game he/she is playing.

Inside the eye-catchy chassis houses Windows 10, 6th Gen Intel Core Processor, up to NDIVIA GTX-1060 graphics card. It also includes a unique Sonic-Master gaming audio that will be enough to immerse the users in the game.

Equipped with Intel i7-6700 processor, GTX-970 graphics card, 8GB RAM, Windows 10, 128 SSD, 1TB hard drive, DVD-RW (optical drive), Tower from-factor.

6. Novatech Gaming PC

Spend more time gaming little bit time in waiting with the incredible responsiveness of 7th generation Intel Core processor. Loaded with Intel processor this PC allows users to edit, create and share 4K content easily. Users can experience immersive, full screen, and 360 viewing of 4K videos.

Every gamer deserves uninterrupted and great gaming. That’s why this PC is equipped with powerful NVIDIA GTX-1050 graphic cards to give users an amazing gaming experience they had no encounter before.

7. Elit-Turbo Gaming PC

Elit-Turbo Gaming PC is an ultimate companion of a gamer. Loaded with many extraordinary features this gaming PC is one of the best that’s why it is in this amazing list of top 10 gaming PCs.
Equipped with a brilliant processor, graphic cards, responsive memory, and stunning look make it’s truly a worthy gaming PC.

Let’s dig out the components list used in this gaming PC. Having ASUS Prime-Z270-p motherboard, Intel Core i7 processor, 4.2GHz-4.5GHz Quad Core, iD-cooling, 32GB DDR4 memory, 8GB GTX-1080 graphic card, 250GB SSD, high definition channel audio, Windows 10 etc.

8. ACER Aspire

ACER Aspire is built with the latest generation processor for handling demanded tasks. Powerful graphic cards and ultrafast SSD storage let users save files and boot programs in moments. Latest generation processor delivers smooth and quick access to games and videos.

The brilliant processor allows users to tackle any game and they can deal with music production and photo editing at the same time. Encounter a brand new experience of gaming with the NVIDIA GTX-1050 graphic cards that are enough to enhance every image with the lightning fast responsiveness.

Capable of supporting four displays users can watch TV while taking on another screen. The ultrafast and responsive 256GB SSD memory is a flash memory with no moving parts. This feature makes it more resistant to damage compared to the standard HDD storage.

9. Sedatech Gaming PC

Another gaming PC with amazing features, this PC is an ultimate option for gaming. Manufactured by Sedatech this gaming laptop has an AMD-FX-8320 processor for great responsiveness. Users can access multiple applications at the same time with a great speed of switching between them.

Work or play with this PC at a great speed. The brilliant graphic cards will give you an amazing experience of playing of crystal clear display. The live graphics will enhance your gaming desire and this PC will be the favorite of a gamer heart.

10. G6 Galactic-U1

Last, in this list, G6 Galactic-U1 is built and designed for a gamer’s heart. Whether you spend money on a PC for work or playing games speed is the factor that made the PC a worthy machine. Hence G6 Galactic-U1 is built for ultrafast responsiveness at a great speed.

Gaming PCs need a high-quality graphics card and thus this PC is equipped with NVIDIA GTX-1060 graphic card. This graphic quality is a revolution in the aspect of rich quality graphics. Users can run multiple monitors at the same time and can experience games and movies in brilliant 4K quality.


Gaming PCs are perfect for gaming compared to the consoles and other devices. You can experience every element needed for smooth gaming. The speed, responsiveness, graphics quality, upgradable components and much more all you can get only if you prefer gaming PCs instead of other devices.

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