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Things an investor must consider before investing in cryptocurrency

Everyone is talking about the downfall, or the bear market of digital currencies that happened recently and the question that remains will be “Is cryptocurrency the best possible asset or digital way of investment?” There are many things you must consider before investing and hope this article opens up your eyes in making a wise decision.

It’s the risk that keeps a business investor to pull back at every point of a potential investment. Below questions that you must ask yourself before going deep into this article.

What to invest in the digital world?
When is the right time to invest?
How far is the investment going to maintain a regular income?

Consider these questions and before then, read through and at each point remark what you understand, thereby, create a perfect idea! With proper investigation and research, we have listed out five essential things one must consider before investing.

The golden rules to follow

The five golden rules you must follow (Obviously, there are many other things to consider, and these five is very much important)

Hear that market rage

You invest in digital currency, gold, real estate or whatever it may you do have a trusted market and then, check for the price and other sorts of things. By market rage we mean, the exact market conditions one must be aware of. If you don’t have much idea about what you’re going to invest, better don’t invest! If you understood the investment side, there are no worries, go ahead and make the investment.

The essential thing is that you must have an idea; the market is prior or subjected to quick alterations, and, as we mentioned before, it’s a risk. Never finalise your decision over a glance (glance over); cryptocurrency market varies its number up and down prevailing to many market conditions. The market trends change every day and new digital currencies launch with unique features, so, update yourself with the market conditions and be adaptable!

The strategy: Untold story

Behind every investment, there is an untold success mantra or a perfect plan. Finding the best approach is the key and numbers do talk in an investment. Yes, digital currency investment is a far different concept from that of traditional investment methods. Digital currencies are neither stocks nor shares to hold, and a centralised team does not determine the value.

So, fixing up a strategy or a plan is difficult, however, and there are many tools available to check them. However, there aren’t any ways to predict the future standings unless a ‘hype’ has been created in the market. The price of a particular digital currency can be brought to its highest value, by just popping up the so-called ‘demand status’. There are many ways to create such hype and “pump & dump” groups are an example. Fix a strategy and find a way through!

Connect past, present, & future

Before you invest, there are three parts you must consider – The past gives you the previous history of the digital coin, from the present, get the current market cap from an exchange or other websites like coin market and from the facts collected from the past and present you can predict the future.

Well, if you’re considering the price, make sure that you think the other altcoins too. It’s always important to compare one with the other, make a proper comparison note and it lets the missing part expose before you. At present,  many such websites give you a price chart time-to-time. But, at any time this rate can rise and drop.

Learn the technology & related terminologies

The blockchain is the technology that makes these digital coins to emerge or say these cryptocurrencies are developed using blockchain technology. Well, you must have a better understanding, at least stick to the basics, and you’ll know the benefits. Learning the technique alone won’t do it; there are many terminologies one must be concerned about.

There is “airdrop” where a community gets tokens at first, HODL, trading platform information, technical analysis, and much more. Each digital currency so-developed will have its unique style of technical base and features. If you understand the technology, it might be easy to learn the marketing side and later on, invest!

Choose wisely, avoid scam

You do have many options to choose from, and you have to make the best by considering the above points. Well, there is one more thing you must think – the genuineness of the investment. There are many scams and false offers that drive the investor crazy with the deal. Never fall for something that never falls under the category of “not genuine”.

You can have a look at this article – 7 Bitcoin scams to take care of in the digital world and you’ll understand the scammy-side of the investment business. Investments are subjected to many such issues, and awareness can only bring the best.

With the above five main aspects of consideration, you can invest easily.

Two main scenarios drive-in as the best example and those two happened back in a year of the interval. Between 2017 and 2019, in the first case, the Bitcoin price got risen and seen the peak price – “The Bitcoin surge”. And a year after the surge, digital currencies have seen its all-time plunge too. The prices slashed to the bottom line, and everything happened for a reason.

Many reports have come out and given out the reasons that caused the price to rise up and down. The following article provides you with all the necessary details about price analysis, and it gives the exact information that you’re looking for.

I hope this article helped you out in choosing cryptocurrency as an investment sector.

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Sajin Rajan, CEO of Epixel Solutions, a US based Software development company has more than 10 years of experience in the software field. He always brainstorms emerging technologies and how they can be integrated into real-world applications. He has unique ideas in developing blockchain based applications, MLM Software, e-commerce web applications, etc.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jeff

    March 29, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Thanks, Sajin, for sharing useful information about investments. We often overlook the importance of proper planning and strategy which makes us regret our decision. Anyone who is planning to do investment must evaluate its pros cons along with its realistic returns.

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