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How Social Media Can Help You to Grow Your Business

Do you want to use a very cheap, yet highly effective marketing tool which has the potential to bring exponential growth to your business?

The use of social media is increasing at a fast pace which provides a vast market for your business. Social Media SEO is the need of the hour for your business and will help your business reach great heights. You need to optimise and sync your SEO for social media.

Social Media SEO is an amalgamation of social media marketing strategies and SEO. If you are cutting a tree without sharpening the axe, then despite giving the same number of hours and the same effort every day, your results are going to diminish day by day. Likewise, social media SEO is a concept that would sharpen your branding and marketing and give your business an upper-edge in the market.

Social media might not have a proven track record of directly influencing your Google Search ranking, but it affects your SEO. You can increase the search rankings of your business by adopting a useful marketing tool containing the right strategies for social media. Social media posts that are creative, custom-made, specific to the target audience and promote your brand to increase your brand’s online visibility and drives customers to come to your page. Hence, Social media and SEO work hand-in-hand and cannot be so useful when considered separately.

How does Social Media SEO help your business grow?

Social media helps your business grow through the following ways:

Helps in indexing your social media content

Search Engine like Google and Bing index the social media posts using search engine spiders. However, the search engines do not crawl all the social media posts created every day. For this, the content that you share should be relevant enough for people to land on your page when they are searching for similar content over the web. Search Engine will index your content at a faster pace if your social media posts get a considerable number of followers, shares, and retweets. Your business can emerge on top of the search engine results if your social media posts are spot-on and they manage to get viral.

Strengthens your domain authority

The web page of your business would have better domain authority if your social media posts are trending and they can generate more backlinks. Domain authority refers to one of the many factors indirectly contributing to your search engine ranking. A better domain authority helps in cutting the competition and creates a niche for your business in its respective market. Social media forms a significant part of the content distribution channel, and hence, it mostly affects your web authority.

Provides global reach to your business

Do not underestimate the reachability of your social media posts. It can reach markets that you are not even aware of. Social media acts as a handy tool for reaching people across the globe at minimum costs. With social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, your business has unlimited potential to explore across the globe. The posts that you share to capture the target market can reach millions of people with the help of social media, thereby creating a unique proposition for your business over the web.

Increase your brand awareness through the partnership of Google and Twitter

Increased brand awareness might not directly affect your SEO, but it positively impacts your brand image which in turn gets you your business. Branding based keywords would help you get a higher ranking on the search engine results. The partnership of Google and Twitter will help you increase your content’s online presence, and this would end up getting you a higher search engine ranking and a better brand reputation.

Increase your web engagement and generate leads for your business

Your social media posts have the power to increase your brand’s presence and engagement across the web when some people share your posts over the various social media platform. The algorithm of the search engine uses the level of engagement that your social media posts have to rank the content in your posts. More the users engage with your content by reading and sharing about it, higher the ranking would it get you in the search engines result from pages (SERPs).

Provide your target audience with what they need

You can increase the interaction with your audience through your social media posts, and this will help you derive the needs of your target customers. Social Media SEO helps in real-time tracking of your potential customer’s needs and obtains marketing solutions to meet those continually changing needs.

These are the ways you can grow your business using Social Media SEO.

What should you do?

Let us explore more about what you need to do for using the Social Media SEO practice achieve sustainable growth for your business.

  • Increase your brand’s presence to get improved SEO rankings
  • Actively interact with your audience and track their needs
  • Build quality links to your website and get inbound traffic
  • Effectively promote your content and get better conversion rates
  • Make people follow your brand
  • Optimise your social media profiles

However, like most of the other marketing tools, the over-use of Social Media SEO without understanding its true meaning too can lead to negative brand reputation.

Social Media helps in creating a human level interaction for your business which would result in increasing your market share. Hence, it can be rightly said that Social Media SEO is not only about growing your business, but it is also about creating a positive brand image across the global market for your business.

In a nutshell

Your business needs an SEO Company that perfectly integrates the social media strategies and SEO and gets you maximum benefits through this blend.

Contact digital marketing and SEO experts that can help you tap the infinite opportunities that Social Media SEO has for your business. Let your business reach its real potential.

Written By

Chandni Akhani is Search Engine Optimizer at Nimblechapps – fast-growing Mobile App Development Company. She has a good knowledge of the mobile app industry. She has enough experience to manage and Execute implementation of On-Page and Off-Page, Analyze Webmaster and Analytics.

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