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The Exciting World Of Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications have seen an increasing demand in the recent years. The world of Mobile Apps is growing with lots of them being developed almost daily. The most preferred platform for the development of Mobile Apps is Android. It powers devices in as many as 190 countries of the world.

Apps are used for just about everything. More than 40% of Smartphone users are using applications to purchase items online. 43% of users are using Smartphone more than their desktop or laptops. Such is the power of applications that the users are compelled to spend more time on them.

Play Games

Every Smartphone user has some or the other game installed on their devices. Games have been one of the major sources of revenue for this industry. More than 35% of Tablet users play more than four hours of game per week. Some of popular games that people like to play on their handheld devices are Ultimate Fighter, Nokia Racing, Adventure of Ted, Kingdom Rush, Temple Run, Charlie Brave etc.

Use Social Media Channels

Mobile devices have opened up the gateway for social media channels to help their users remain online for longer hours. It is exciting to note that more than 20% of adults hear about new mobile games via social media sites. Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter use powerful Application programming Interfaces to let the users remain online.

Businesses get more customers and increase sales

More and more businesses are getting into the world of Mobile Applications to create a customized app for their brand. They are using this app to connect with the customers 24/7 which is ultimately boosting their profits. Companies producing specialized Mobile Apps for businesses are getting huge profits this way. People like to connect with the popular brands from their phone itself and considering the reach and popularity of mobile devices, it is not unwise to target the customers through their mobile phones.

Both small and large sale businesses are using customized applications to present the customers a preferred interface, better customer service, local connectivity, virtual payment options and lots more. This is helping the companies to generate more leads which are eventually converting into sales bringing in lots of profits.

Other areas where Mobile Apps find a place

There are several other vital areas where Mobile Apps are used a lot. These areas are healthcare, education, banking, travelling etc. With people loving the concept of “Connect on the go”, more and more Mobile Application Development Companies are getting into this game of developing robust and user friendly applications to cater the needs of a wide variety of audiences.


The future belongs to the Mobile devices and applications are sure to be a part of these. The world of apps is really huge and there is a lot more to explore in every field. With contributors coming from every corner of the world, this virtual world of apps is sure to take an important place in all our lives.

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Justin is a Mobile Application Developer with a creative blend of mind. He spends most of his time thinking and applying innovative ideas for Mobile Application Development. He strongly believes improvement in mobile technologies would lead to an increase in the number of personalized Mobile Applications in the future.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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