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The 4 Best Motorcycle Lifts for Harley Davidson

You would need a motorcycle list to work on your Harley and keep it in great running condition. Here is a review of the 4 best motorcycle lifts for Harley Davidson available today.

If you own a Harley, you are most certainly a motorcycle enthusiast. You admire everything about motorbikes, so, understandably, you would want to keep your prized bike in tip-top shape. A motorcycle lift for Harley Davidson becomes vital here.

Regardless of the complexity of the job, you would need a motorcycle list to work on your Harley and keep it in great running condition.

You are a motorcycle fanatic with a passion for racing, and while you have a garage dedicated to fixing your motorcycles, you still require assistance in maintaining “your baby”.

The Most Essential Maintenance Tool

What is the most vital item you require for your motorcycle or the most important items required in your workshop? The answer is the Harley motorcycle lift that will allow you to work on your Harley closely from all angles.

Having the best motorcycle lift table for Harley is unquestionably essential in your garage. As an enthusiast, you’ll likely want to learn everything there is to know about your ride so you can handle all repair work and maintenance yourself. The only way to do this is by adding a solid lift table to supplement your efforts.

Lift tables are typically made of steel and come in several configurations, spanning from manual to air pump service.

These tables can be costly, but they will give you long-term benefits if you choose them wisely. That is why we have reviewed and rated the best Harley Davidson motorcycle lift tables on the market to make things simpler for you to choose the lifts that are right for you. Let’s start the review of the 4 best motorcycle lifts for Harley Davidson.

1. Black Widow BW-1500AO

When we picture the ideal motorcycle lift, the Black Widow BW-1500AO seems to meet all the requirements! With its orange and black lacquered finish, it not only looks like a genuine match for your Harley, but it also has some remarkable technical specs to back up its stylish appearance.

The Black Widow’s table is 78 inches long, with a retractable 24-inch ramp that extends the table’s length to 102 inches, allowing it to fit even the largest motorcycles. Furthermore, the pneumatic lift can raise your bike to a height of 33.5′′, which is great for comfortably working on the engine or tires.

However, this motorcycle lift table by Black Widow has a lot more to offer than just its size. It has a hands-free foot pedal to modify the height of the table to make mounting your motorcycle on the lift as simple as possible. Additionally, its front-wheel clamp will secure your prized motorcycle and decrease the risk of it tipping over!

If all of these quality features weren’t enough to pique your interest, the fact that it includes an 18′′ by 20′′ back wheel fall service panel could. It’s a great way to get to your bike’s back wheel if it needs to be repaired or replaced!

2. OTC 1545 Lift

The OTC motorbike lift is at the top of the list, with a reduced height of 3.5” (8.9 cm). Lift on most Harley-Davidsons is 5.7 inches. As a result, you’ll be able to effortlessly slide this model beneath your Harley. So that’s the first problem out of the way.

Aside from that, this lift has a load capability of 1,500 lbs. It demonstrates that the model is capable of lifting your Harley since its weight is significantly less than the lifting capacity of the jack. This jack can be extended up to 16.75″ (42.5 cm). As a result, your HD may be lifted about one and a half feet above the ground.

The jack is raised and lowered by two pedals on this OTC model. You can hoist or lower your HD upright while holding the T-handle with such characteristics. The handle also aids in the movement of the lift within your garage. The jack’s 360-degree steel casters make it easy to move around.

Together with their mobility purpose, the two rear casters have distinctive characteristics. They contain latches that hold the jack in place while your hard drive is being elevated. When you lift your Harley to the right height, the model also has an auto safety lock that acts as a jack stand.

It does not, however, come fully armed. You’ll need to put various pieces together, such as the pump in its proper location. But that isn’t a major issue.  You can refer to the instruction manual for more information. In this sense, the video following will also be useful.


This lifting station is made of a high-quality, long-lasting steel framework and is designed to provide your Harley Davidson a safe and comfortable ride. It’s made of heavy-duty steel with a black and red powder-coated surface. The paint is easy to clean and the lift is resistant to oil.

A sturdy rubber cushion with striped veins has been devised for the top surface, which is beneficial in preventing slippage and scratching. Most motorcycle models are compatible with the jack, namely Can-Am Spyders, dirt motorcycles, cruisers, UTVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, and so on.

4. Titan Ramps Lift

Titan Ramps’ hydraulic lift is available in an attractive bright red hue, so you won’t have any trouble finding it in your workshop! The table itself has a diamond-plated surface to keep your motorcycle from slipping and sliding about.

Like some of the more expensive ones on the list, the Titan Ramp features a hydraulic mechanism to allow you to elevate your motorcycle easily! The hydraulic foot pedal, unlike the more expensive versions, is manual!

Final Word

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best motorcycle lifts for Harley Davidson. You can meet your basic needs with virtually all four lifts reviewed above. However, you should consider the unique aspects of each lift to choose the right lift for your Harley Davidson bike.

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