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The Best Oil Products for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Since oil contributes significantly to exhaust emissions, you must select an oil product for your Harley Davidson motorcycle that has been specially formulated to minimize this. Here are some recommendations.

Regardless of the type of vehicle they power, all motor engines need oil to stay lubricated and maintain durability. Since oil contributes significantly to exhaust emissions, you must select an oil product for your Harley Davidson motorcycle that has been specifically formulated to minimize this.

Of course, that is not the only thing you need to consider when choosing oil for your Harley Davidson. You also need to consider mileage, wear and tear protection, and types of motor oils available for Harley Davidsons. The third factor is of particular importance, and I briefly discuss it below.

The Types of Motor Oil for Your Harley Davidson

If you’re searching for motor oil for your Harley Davidson, you can choose from the following types of oil.

1. Mineral Oils

Mineral oils refer to the crude oil that was initially processed for engine use.  While it is the least costly of the three types of oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles, you would be compromising on quality by going for it.

2. Semi-Synthetic

Semi-synthetic oils are a combination of synthetic chemicals and processed crude oil.  The most useful properties of these compounds are brought together to produce a single motor oil product. What is the outcome of this? It is a product with the affordability of mineral oil and a performance that can match up to some synthetic oils.

3. Full-Synthetic

Full synthetic oils are produced from chemical compounds blended together to achieve a particular grade of output. Therefore, synthetic oils can be developed for very precise specifications and a targeted array of uses. However, this also means that full-synthetic cost the most of all three motor oil options available for your Harley Davidson.

Although they can be expensive, synthetic oils are recommended for your bike since there will be full-synthetic oils on the market that are formulated to fulfill specific requirements for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Three synthetic transmission oils are discussed in this guide on the best oil products for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

The Best Transmission Oils for Your Harley Davidson

While there are many motor oils for Harley Davidson available on the market today, I find the following 3 transmission oils as the best options.

1. Red Line Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Designed specifically for use in all kinds of modern four-stroke motorcycles, the Red Line motor oil is ideal for bikes with motorcycles that require 20W-50 oil.

Fully synthetic, this oil comprises more than the standard quantities of phosphorus and zinc that help protect your engine from damage. Additionally, the special friction modifiers of the motor oil enhance your bike’s wet-clutch function.

Featuring premium grade base mixture, the Red Line oil has the ideal viscosity for Harley Davidson. Not only does it hold up well at high temperatures, but it is also stickier and thicker than other full synthetic oils for motorcycles.


  • Designed specifically for use in all kinds of modern four-stroke motorcycles
  • Good wear and tear protection
  • Enhances wet-clutch function
  • Ideal viscosity for Harley Davidson bikes


  • Costlier than other full synthetic oils for motorcycles

2. Motul Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Next on my list of the best oils for Harley Davidson motorcycles is the Motul Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. The best motor oil for engine refinement, the synthetic motor oil from Motul, is designed to ensure the least pressure on the level for easy gear shifting. Additionally, its integrity and efficient performance in motorcycles has been endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute.


  • Ensures excellent performance at high revs and temperatures thanks to its enhanced oil film tolerance
  • Minimizes engine friction inside a motorcycle
  • Higher mileage than most other full synthetic oils
  • Great wear and tear protection


  • Low-viscosity oil
  • Expensive

3. Amsoil Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The third and final oil on my list of the best motorcycle oils is the Amsoil Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Why do I recommend this oil for your Harley Davidson? I recommend it because it provides the wear protection amongst all full synthetic motor oils for Harley Davidson.

In addition to the above, this motor oil is thermally stable, allows the motorcycle engine to run efficiently at high temperatures, and has anti-rust properties.


  • Excellent wear protection
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Great rust protection


  • Not multi-functional which add to your costs

Final Word

There are plenty of motor oils for Harley Davidson motorcycles available on the market today. As such, it can get difficult to choose the right motor oil for your bike. Fortunately, the 3 motor oils discussed above are amongst the best motor oil products for Harley Davidsons available today. So, you can simply choose the best one for your bike from the list above using the information provided.

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