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Telltale Signs of a Lackluster Support Strategy

For a company, few things matter more than amazing customer service. But ironically enough, this is the pole where most businesses fail. Most companies and businesses only look at numbers; the sales that they have made on a particular quarter, and the amount of profit that they have acquired. However, companies forget that customers are the most important aspect of their business- the ones who actually give them these profits and sales. Ignoring your customers and pushing them to the side will only impact your company in the long run.

According to a report by Bain and Company, around 80% of customers feel that they provide an exceptional quality of service to their customers. In extreme contrast, however, only a miniscule 8% of customers actually feel like companies actually provide them with a good customer support software. This extreme contrast in the customer service sector is extremely telling. Customers are not getting what they want from companies they give business to.

A helpdesk software for your customers is extremely important, much more than you realize. Here are a few ways you can understand if you are lacking in this aspect, and whether you need to brush up on your customer support software. Oftentimes, you may not realize what you are doing wrong. However, such companies always exhibit a specific working system.

  • Customer care is not important: If catering to your customers is not the priority for your business, then you are in dire straits. Simply strategizing and looking for ways to increase your profit margins will not cut it for you in the long run. Simply proclaiming that your business is “made for the consumers” will not cut it. Your customers will eventually understand what you lack. In today’s world, nothing is more important than customer care. In order to ensure that you retain old customers as well as reign in new ones, you must be able to set up at least an efficient support system.
  • Word of mouth: With the advent of technology, word of mouth has become more important than it was before. If someone is unhappy with your service, it does not cost them much of their time to upload a negative review of your company and your services. A negative review tends to stick around in people’s minds more than a positive one. Most of the time however, the reaction that companies have to these complaints is reactionary. Often, companies work on the adage of “all publicity is good publicity.” When customers turn against them, they send out offers of promotions or cashback in order to reel them back in. This may work in the short run, but in the long run, customers will catch up on our tactics.
  • Usage of technology: If you are not using technology to its advantage to engage and interact with your customers, then it is an obvious sign that you are lacking seriously with your customer support software. A customer service is not simply having a phone hotline with long waiting times and unmotivated support. In today’s age, virtual support is paramount. You need not only support by emails, by the use chatbots as well. Customers usually do not have the time or the patience to spend hours just trying to sort out their problems relating to the products or services that they have bought. Using technology to enhance your support software may not sound necessary, but with the world becoming increasingly online, sticking to the original phone technique may not be the best idea for your business.
  • Speed is not important: Understanding this aspect is extremely important to know why your knowledge base software is lacking. Usually, companies believe that if they answer the issues of their customers in a fast manner, then they provide a high level of service. It is extremely convenient for a customer to find the solution to their problem thirty minutes later and compared to three days. However, companies forget that personalization is equally important as well. Customers do not want a fast answer if it does not provide an answer to their question. The best way your company can increase in efficiency is by understanding that speed is important, but personalizing their queries is extremely important as well.
  • Being transparent about your shortcomings: Do not pretend to know the answers to all the problems that your customers face. If there are some issues that your customer support is unfamiliar with, make sure to let them know, and transfer them onto another executive. Haphazard solutions will always lead to more problems both for the customer as well as your business. Your customer will always appreciate your honesty, and this will make them more receptive to your company.


Customer support is not a reactionary measure. It is not a way by which you can put out fires which have been created. A customer support software is the most important aspect for your company. Increasing and evaluating your customer support system, and upgrading whatever is important will help you greatly in not only retaining your customers, but for getting new customers as well.

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