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Technical Writer Job Description and Skill Requirements

technical writer

The need for technical writers is constantly rising nowadays. Numerous companies, regardless of industry, are constantly on the lookout for competent writers that would be able to fulfill the requirements of this fast-paced job. If you are an aspiring writer, here are some important technical writer job description and skill requirements that you must keep in mind in order to successfully pursue a career in technical writing.

What Is A Technical Writer?

Technical writers, also referred as technical communicators, are writing professionals who are engaged in the field of technical writing and produces various technical documents. Strictly speaking, this job is defined as the preparation of different types of information that serve as a guide to the users of a specific product.

What Does A Technical Writer Produce?

Since technical writers are also considered as a product or subject matter experts, it is his job to include the creation of materials like white papers, user guides, product or system manuals, product design specifications, and project plans. This may seem like the types of materials that are produced by field experts, but actually, these materials are handed-off to a technical writer for formatting, editing, and proofreading.

Who Is The Target Audience Of Technical Writers?

The materials that are produced by technical writers are in-depth explanations of products and processes. This type of work is aimed towards consumer, business, and technical audiences who are seeking in-depth knowledge on a specific product or service.

Responsibilities Of A Technical Writer

A technical writer job is very important for both the company and the product users. Because of technical writing, product specifications and instructions for use are outlined in a very clear and concise manner. Failure to do this will eventually become useless for the consumers and end users. A technical writer has a great responsibility in assuring the products are used as intended, and will not endanger anyone.


The most important technical writer job description is to analyze the target audience, context, and purpose of the material. The writer must know the audience in order for him to be able to create a material that would be interesting and appealing to the readers. Moreover, he should know the audience’s knowledge level to be able to come up with a version of the material that would be easy to comprehend, and becomes applicable to the background of his readers.

Analyzing a document’s purpose and context is also important in order for the writer to effectively use his output in achieving its specific objective. This, in turn, will serve as instructions on what the tone and type of language to use when writing.

Document Design

Document design refers to the way a document is crafted in order to ensure that the intended audience will find it readable and usable. Numerous design strategies like conciseness, tone, and ethos are studied and applied by technical writers to create effective communication materials.

Document Arrangement

In a technical writer job description, the term document arrangement pertains to the organization of different design elements like images, charts, and lists in order for the material to become coherent and structured. When used effectively, these design elements can work very well to create various layers within the document.


Technical writers are assigned to help the audience in decoding a complex message through the use of written materials. They should be able to reach the audience and make them understand complex concepts by applying specific communication strategies.


Part of the technical writer job qualifications is the ability to explain lengthy and complex descriptions and concepts in a very brief and concise manner. Through the right mix of words and images, writers should be able to convey the message in the simplest and shortest way possible.

Job Qualifications

Aspiring technical writers must possess the right mix of technical knowledge and written communication skills. They must strike a balance between being creative and being technical in order to effectively convey the message to everyone who will be reading their work. Moreover, a keen eye for detail is also needed in a technical writer job.

If you are planning to pursue a career in technical writing, you must now start to hone your knowledge in both creative and technical communication. Being a technical writer is a very meticulous but rewarding job. This is because it is your responsibility to serve as a medium that will bridge the gap between product manufacturers and end users. If you are looking for the right mix of creativity and technicality, then this technical writer job is the right fit for you. is the central hub of information about college, courses and programs, scholarships, career, and everything about the life of a college student.

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