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TDP Policies for the Progress of Primary Education in AP

As part of achieving the goal of providing primary education, the TDP government under the governance of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu has decided to enroll all children between the ages of five to fifteen years in schools and see that they continue till the tenth standard. Moreover, to provide good quality and standard education to all in the state, TDP Government has decided to take measures such as social participation in the spread of primary education, adequate encouragement and motivation to parents, provision of basic facilities in schools, and appointment of well-trained teachers. visit the official TDP website to learn more about such educational achievements by TDP and for the latest TDP political news.

On one hand, the TDP government worked to completely eradicate the child labor system in Andhra Pradesh, under this Top TDP Policy of providing primary education to all the kids, the government implemented special schools for child laborers. Non-formal Education Centers contributed to the spread of primary education through schemes and programs such as “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Chadhuvukundham,  Akshara Sankranti, Mallibadiki, Chaduvula Pandaga” had worked to spread education in Andhra Pradesh.

Top TDP Contributions in Dissemination of Primary Education in Andhra Pradesh:-

  •   On school education in the years 1990-95, Rs.4871.50 crores were spent, during these seven years Rs.10,603.52 crores were Spent.
  •   Recruitment of 1,50,206 posts of teachers from 1994 to 2003.
  •   Recruitment of 46,782 Education Volunteers in 2001-02 and Recruitment of 51,244 Education Volunteers in 2002-03.
  •   Establishment of one primary school in every village.
  • S.S.C Pass percentage 2000 – 55.17%, 2001 – 66.5%, 2002 – 68.71%, 2003 – 75%.
  •   Establishment of middle school within every three kilometers and high school within every five kilometers.
  • Establishment of 23,001 new schools since 1995-96.
  • 29,851 construction of school buildings completed.
  •   Increase in the number of students from 1,00,96,664 to 1,35,93,063 in 1994-2003.
  •   Establishment of 7,351 new primary schools in 2001-02 alone.
  •   Upgradation of 4,352 primary schools.
  • Sanction of four posts of teachers in 2001-02 for each upper primary school.
  •   Areas, where literacy is low, are identified and 40 new residential schools are sanctioned in those areas. With this, The total number of residential schools reached 313.

The former TDP Government under the visionary leadership of Nara Chandrababu Naidu ordered Grant-in-aid to secondary schools which were upgraded during 1985-1995. More than 6,500 posts were sanctioned. As a result of these measures, literacy increased by 17 percent during this decade more than any previous decade, No such increase was recorded in the history of any state making it one of the Top TDP Achievements in the education sector.

The TDP Government and the corresponding TDP MLAs have Formed 91,850 Education Committees as part of providing public participation in educational progress and these committees are involved in the improvement of Educational standards. Out of 157 lakh children, 6.42 lakh children who are yet to enroll in schools during that period were also organized through the ‘Chadhuvula Pandaga’ scheme introduced by then Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu which was a success, and steps were taken to identify child laborers and enroll them in schools and strict action was taken against those who engaged in child labor.

For the welfare of Minority Kids, N. Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP Political Leaders have established 1,047 new primary schools for teaching Urdu Madhyamik and sanctioned Rs.20 crores under a special scheme for Urdu schools. The TDP Government has Extended the District Basic Education Project (DPAP) to 14 districts with the help of a world bank and also Implemented the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ program in all districts in April 2003 the state government also achieved inexhaustible results in Class 10th Exams which had a significant increase over the previous years, which are all considered as Top TDP Achievements in the field of Primary education in Andhra Pradesh.


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