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Why is React So Popular for Frontend Development?

An interactive and reliable front end is a top priority for all businesses as it defines conversion rates, page views, and more.

An interactive and reliable front end is a top priority for all businesses as it defines conversion rates, page views, and more. No business would want to settle for output that can impact customers’ shopping cart size because of a loading page delay for a single second.

Your website needs a technology that is reliable so that your business can grow continuously. You can only work with a simple front end using HTML, CSS, and JS for a while. A powerful tool is required for developing complex UI- frameworks and libraries.

One of these technologies is React. You can use it for your company’s standard JS frontend library. With server-side rendering (SSR), you can speed up initial page loading or give users a smoother experience with UI.

All you need to know is a ReactJS development services provider. They can help you develop the interactive front end that you always wanted.

Why Choose ReactJS for Front-End Development?

Check out the below-mentioned reasons for choosing ReactJS for Front-End Development.

Builds Rich User Interface

The quality of the user interface plays a significant role in defining customer experience. If the UI is well-designed, you might receive the better user experience you are looking for.

However, if you have a good UI, customers will like your product. Nowadays, having a rich UI is mandatory to become noticeable in the market.

That is why developers choose React. Using React, you can build a rich UI using its declarative components.

High Performance

When it comes to performance, React tops the board. React has well-defined APIs which encourage developers to use it during project development. It is easy to use and integrate with existing applications as well.

React uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model) for faster rendering and high performance. It creates a virtual DOM as a copy of the Real DOM. The pages built using React are optimized for speed and high traffic volume.

Hence, whenever there are any changes in the components, it checks the virtual DOM and compares the old and the new versions. After the comparison is completed, only the changes are updated in the Real DOM instead of re-rendering the whole UI.

Highly Flexible

Development projects often grow so big that fixing any issue or adding one is tricky. React’s architecture is designed in such a way that it allows you to bundle frontend code into custom components. This would be your foundation for development process optimization.

Developers can freely decide on routing, testing, and organizing dependencies. They can write clean and modular code which is easy to maintain and scale. They have informative guides to help you create reusable components.

The other things that make React flexible are integrations with third-party libraries and MVC frameworks. You can use react from the start or introduce it later in your project.


React offers an inbuilt library for testing the React components. There are other testing libraries and frameworks in the market that support react structure along with API calls.

Once the developer sets the testing script, anyone can get test results and determine the failure point. Moreover, monitoring and the functional flow of the code is time-saving in React.

SEO Friendly

App optimization is essential from an SEO perspective. Apps created using React can be optimized for search engines. We all build pages that have high user engagement. If you want that, your website must be crawlable by search engines.

React uses JavaScript to load pages. Hence it lowers the page loading time and fastens the rendering speed. This shall help your app rank on Google.

Compared to other frameworks, React significantly reduces the loading time and helps your business top the SERP page.

Strong Community Support

Developers can worry-free use React while developing as they know if they get stuck somewhere, the React community is there to help. React has solid community support on GitHub and various other platforms.

Talking about other resources, many experts regularly upload free tutorials on YouTube and share in-depth blogs on their websites. If developers have questions, they can easily find answers on Quora and Stack Overflow. Developers won’t stay stuck for long.


The above points make it clear why we say React is so popular regarding front-end development. It is a highly reliable and flexible platform that can meet your complex requirements. A lot of development companies offer React.js development services. They have experienced developers who can help you develop exactly what you are looking for and change the website experience for your customers.


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