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How To Prepare Current Affairs And For Government Exams

Current affairs, along with general knowledge, are an integral part of any government or competitive exam. Nowadays, it holds significant weight in any exam. It has such a limitless syllabus that even when you study it daily, you will not be able to complete it thoroughly. Since it is a vast subject and you have to indulge in other subjects as well, you cannot excel at it unless you have a thirst to know more.

It is an independent section, and students try to cover general knowledge from various sites and use multiple resources. As a result, they end up getting confused because it has a wide range of topics that can overlap. Although there are several magazines, apps, books, and newspapers that can add value to government examinations.

Recent examination analysis of SSC, UPSC, and Railway Banking Exams shows that the number of current affairs questions is increasing year after year. In the UPSC CSE exam, even the general knowledge questions on history and politics are based on current events that have taken place in the last year.

Also, in SSC, the current affairs question can be asked about any event, national or international, that took place in the last six months. This explains the importance of current affairs for government examinations.

Hence, here are some tips to prepare you for current affairs for competitive exams:


Books are the most widely used and reliable source for preparing for current affairs. There are a lot of books available universally online, offline, and through shopping portals.


Magazines have become a trusted source of G.K and current affairs for a very long time. It keeps track of most of the events happening around the world. Some of them are: topper success review, interview discussion, group discussion, and personal interviews post-exam; some magazines also provide study material, such as the geography of India, India’s constitution, economy, and politics. It is available bi-lingually to reach the maximum number of students.

Apps and Websites

Websites and apps are widely available because everyone now has internet access, and various apps provide 10-20 summarized bi-lingual current affairs for quick reading. It improves knowledge. Besides, watch the news channel regularly because it is easy to remember events through visuals.


Quizzes are also effective in remembering current affairs. As hundreds of new things happen every day, a timed quiz section that tests students is another way to learn.


The newspaper is the best source to prepare for any exam as it covers everything on a day-to-day basis. Regular reading makes you an effective reader, which will help you in exams because you will be aware of every aspect. It will give in-depth knowledge of political, national, business, sports, regional, and international happenings. Some of the best newspapers are The Hindu, The Indian Express, and others. It not only helps you to stay up-to-date but improves your English, vocabulary, reading, and understanding skills.

International Organizations

The world’s major economic organizations like the IMF, WTO, WB, and IMO are important from an example point of view. You must know their functioning and structure. major political groups like UN regional groups, ASEAN, and SAARC. You are expected to prepare information about their headquarters, chairperson, or any other significant reform or event that occurred.


It has become the most popular spot to gain knowledge. Any topic can be easily found and helps you immensely to revise current affairs. For the last-minute preparation, you just need to find the best channel for you to learn from videos and tutorials. Also, give an online mock test to test how much you know and make note of new points. It is very essential as you cannot waste time by searching and reading it again and again.

Important topics that need to be covered for general knowledge are:

  • Recent Scientific and Technological Advancements
  • Politics, Geography, Economics, and History are all important subjects
  • Economic/Business-related issues
  • National and International Social-Political issues
  • Environmental and Ecological issues
  • Sports and Film Affairs
  • Regulatory Body Information

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