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Taking Your Business to the Next Level with EPOS

Today Electronic Point of Sale is being used at almost all major retail outlets. Also known as EPOS, Electronic Point of Sale has helped businesses to: increase their profits, make their sales process easier and better manage their stock.

electronic points of saleImage Credit: John M, CC BY-SA 2.0

Why EPOS Is Important to the Business?

There are several advantages of introducing an EPOS system to a facility.

Below is a list of benefits and advantages of having an EPOS system:

  • Faster sales and transactions
  • Easier identification of the non-performing products
  • Ability to connect with the customers using loyalty schemes
  • Communication between different stores
  • Connection between multiple sites
  • Real time updates
  • Simplified generation of reports
  • Elimination of manual mistakes in the sales process
  • Staff performance tracking
  • Monitoring the sales trend
  • Targeted promotions and discounts
  • Better management of the stocks

Impact of EPOS on the business growth

If you select the right one for your business, an EPOS system will give a faster return on investment. During the course of its life-cycle, EPOS system will pay for itself, several times over. Simplification of the sales process, or automated recording of the transactions and deals, is just a couple of important benefits EPOS system can bring to a business. It also increases the customer satisfaction, credibility of the business and brings in more repeat sales. All this ultimately leads to more profits that keep on growing every year.

Selecting the Right EPOS System

Different businesses require different EPOS systems. For individual retailers and multi-chain customers, Retail EPOS system is the best choice. The hospitality industry has its own Hospitality EPOS system. In fashion stores, Fashion EPOS systems are available. Salons can use the Beauty EPOS system. In the service industry, Service EPOS system is available.

If you select the right one, EPOS system can increase the profits of a business many times over.

There are several important points that have to be kept in mind when selecting an EPOS system.

  1. The provider should have a dedicated technical team that can help make the whole process smooth, and deal with any issue if required. A technical team can also make the selection process easier.
  2. EPOS system should come with free setup, integration and configuration.
  3. The selected EPOS system should be customized according to the business’ requirements.
  4. Onsite installation should be provided by the EPOS system seller.
  5. Ongoing support should be there, so that in case of any problem that might arise after the installation, a support team is always there to handle it.

One Place to Find All kinds of EPOS Systems

Eposnow is one place where any type of EPOS system can be found. Here everything is provided in detail. They provide a dedicated technical team to help a business in setting up an EPOS system at their facility. They also provide setup, integration, configuration and customization of the system, based on the individual needs.

Future of EPOS Systems

EPOS systems have come a long way and are here to stay. With the advancement of the technology, new features get added every year. Today, EPOS systems can be found with all the latest technologies. Touch screens, cloud storage, e-commerce, marketing system and remote support, are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies being used in the modern EPOS systems.

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