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Tactics To Improve Your Website Traffic

boost site traffic

Strategize your content to the target audience that will share it

When choosing your target audience it is important that you consider the sharing ability of your audience.  A small proportion of your readers will be more active in promoting your website and articles than the others, but certain topics, writing styles etc are bound to generate more interest than the others. For instance, an article comprised of facts that breakaway from common perceptions, or a video that tells a previously unknown and a moving story are bound to attract a greater audience and thus more people are likely to share it. Excellent content if unnoticed can be of no value hence, it’s important to choose the target the group that will help you promote and share your content.

Create SEO-Friendly Blogs

Many bloggers continue to ignore search engines, even though they are a great way of driving traffic to your site. Usually there is resistance from bloggers to employ search engines due to ignorance and misunderstanding than any actual problems. If SEO is done in the right manner it should not interfere with your writing.

The blogger must fully exploit massive traffic opportunities that arise from SEO. In case of marketing blogs, right from enquiries, request or advertising for guest blogging, and press identification by top media comes with the aid of search engines. SEO for blogs is not a very cumbersome process especially if you are using SEO-friendly platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Keyword Analysis is mandatory before starting to write content

A big part of having your presence felt on the search engines is employing the right keywords. It can be very difficult to know exactly what words are the audience typing in.

However, there is a tool from Google known as AdWords Keyword Tool that helps you determine exactly what keywords to use in terms of geographic location, related search terms to the entered the keyword, LMS (Local Monthly Search), GMS (Global Monthly Search), number of hits a particular keyword has etc..

Accept Guest Posts/Blogs

When you are just starting out with your blog, it is likely that you may not have a vast audience. Thus it becomes tough to convince other bloggers to let you post articles on their blog or inspire them to post on your blog. Your friends and professional contacts play a key role at this time. When you have a limited audience it is important to make use of people who trust you and will let you post articles on their blogs and, likewise, are be willing to contribute to your post. Guest blogging is a great way of establishing your brand and increasing your market audience.

Participate in and organise events

Even though the internet makes it possible for us to interact with millions of people from around the world, in-person meetings remain a very useful tool for bloggers looking to increase Web traffic. The people you meet and interact with in the real world are more likely to lead discussions on your blog and help each other. As a result, this can lead to guest posts, links, shares, tweets, blogroll inclusion and general development of your site.

Use Social Media to acquire and integrate your connections by sharing posts/blogs

It has become very difficult to neglect the power of social media. Facebook has more than 850 million registered accounts and Twitter has 465 million active users. Apart from these, there is also LinkedIn, Google+ etc. which have over a 100 million users. Thus, you are missing out a large amount of advertisement for your blog if you do not have a presence on social media.

An effective idea of sharing and promoting content online is by adding a signature in your email. There are lot of tools available online to check click density to ensure that this really works.

Posting and sharing your write-ups and blogs on these platforms will boost your blog rankings and also increase traffic to your site or blog. There may be some readers with whom you will strike an instant chord. Those readers will not only become active readers of your blog, but also spread the word about your blog by sharing your content.

Add comments to familiar conversations

There are a few big sites in the blogosphere where key issues arise and are discussed. Being part of a discussion can be a great way of putting your view point across and getting noticed by those who are interested. In later stages this could help in getting links and more traffic from industry leaders.

Keep blogging till you get noticed

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you start a blog is that you should not give up adding content. The results and traffic may not be astronomical initially but if you keep adding content and using social media and SEO tools, the traffic to your site will ultimately increase.

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I’m Ramya Raju, a freelance web designer/writer based in India. I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it. Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations. Contact: Ramya Raju, E-mail id: [email protected] Mobile: 9442474516 Website:



  1. Priyathakur

    July 31, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Great article . I saw some new sites under the think outside of the social media sharing box section that I am going to visit. I believe that giving something of value to your visitors is important and you really do Neill.

    • Ramya Raju

      August 1, 2013 at 6:46 am

      Dear Priya,

      Thanks for the comment, its good to know that my blog was helpful.


      Ramya Raju

  2. Cassie

    July 31, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    This is really great! Very informative indeed. Thank you for sharing this one.

    • Ramya Raju

      August 1, 2013 at 6:47 am

      Thanks, Its really good to know that my article was helpful.


      Ramya Raju

  3. Ahmad

    August 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Thanks for the nice and clean article… all this tips you have mentioned are a MUST for website / blog owners, if they DO want to improve their site’s performance and receive more visitors

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