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How to Tackle E-commerce Cart Abandonment with Mobile Optimization

The fact that more than 50% of the entire e-commerce traffic have been provided by mobile users is not surprising, owing to the recent increase in the usage of such mobile devices. And thanks to quite a number of e-commerce solutions, people now have plenty of options to launch their own online businesses. This has led to a huge spike in the number of online stores in the marketplace, leading to more competition among the existing brands.

E-commerce brands in this era are finding it hard to keep up with the advancements in the digital marketplace leading to non-optimized user experience and user interface. In addition to this, the fact that more than 75% of people bounce out without making a purchase if your site is not responsive & optimized for mobile devices, makes it even harder for businesses to succeed in the market. So the million dollar question right now for a majority of e-commerce owners is how to fix this problem? How to avoid or reduce cart abandonment?

But before we go there, let us try and understand why the mobile conversion rates so low.

There isn’t just one reason as to why people are not able to connect well with your mobile site, and as a result, abandon their shopping carts right before checking out. A couple of years back in 2015, 77% of the mobile phone users abandoned their shopping carts & this number has not improved since then. With the rise in the number of consumers opting to shop via mobile phones, it is very important that maximum efforts are put in, to increase mobile sales.

So let us take a quick look at some of these reasons and how you can handle them for better optimization of your e-commerce website.

Call to Action – It is true that you need to allow your customer to have the control of the experience and where they navigate, but it is equally important for you to remember that at the end, you want them to buy what you offer. For that, you need to manage what is happening on the site. Clear CTAs like a checkout button, or an email sign up or just a simple “Like & Share” button can help visitors who do not have any idea on where to click or how to shop.

Site Speed – Your customers do not like waiting. So much so that, more than 40% of the mobile users tend to abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Yes, you read that right! You just have a 3-second window, and you know what to do!

Poor quality of images & content – It is the images and the content on your e-commerce site which connects with the consumers and compels them to explore your website before eventually buying something. And if your photos & content do not measure up and offer the kind of experience users are looking out for, it can lead to higher bounce rates.

Unresponsiveness – One of the major reasons why users bounce of from a site is its unresponsiveness. Make the shopping experience easier on smaller devices like mobile phones & tablets, optimize your main landing page for such devices and make sure that none of your images or content gets cut off when viewed on a smaller device.

Apart from these, one of the major mistakes which most of the brands make is ignoring the payment options. Do you want higher conversions? Do you want higher order value? You need to focus on the checkout process, mainly the payment options.

As security is a major concern, you might be surprised to know that most of the users do not prefer giving out their card details on a mobile device. Such cases often end up with cart abandonment or a failed purchase. This is where technologies such as Digital Wallets come into the picture. These digital wallets hold the preferred card details behind numerous lines of encryption thus allowing a user to quickly pay for things on a mobile device, without having any concerns about the safety. Digital wallets such as Amazon Checkout, Apple Pay & Paypal aim to reduce the friction from the entire mobile buying process.

The biggest threat to online businesses in recent times is cart abandonment & it is high time brand owners take measures to combat this issue. In the age of responsive e-commerce stores, digital wallets and many other technological advancements, there is no reason for issues such as cart abandonment to exist. Your tech savvy consumers are always on a lookout for easier ways to buy things, and when it is your store which can provide them with what they want, you know you can retain them and stay ahead of the curve in the market.

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As a passionate technical writer for Specbee Consulting Services , Shefali loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since her world mainly revolves around digital media, business growth and technological advancements, you can always find her delved in the digital world.

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