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From Essay Writing to Blogging – Develop Your Unique Voice

Academic paper writing is a tricky staff. Some students hate it. Others find it the easiest part of homework. If your writing skills are decent enough for getting A grades for essay writing, you may think of using it in more interesting and profitable way. I’m talking about blogging.

There are lots of blogs on the web. 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress alone. So, how can you make your blog stand out? Find your unique voice. That doesn’t mean that you have to focus solely on your writing skills. Try to show more of your personality and interests through writing online.

Having a unique blogging voice is beneficial in a few ways:

  • You attract a loyal audience who engage, comment, and opt-in.
  • You build a trustful relationship with your readers. People are more likely to buy stuff from someone whose opinion they trust. It is vital if you plan to sell or advertise something.
  • You start to enjoy writing way more.

How can you refine your penmanship? Use these 5 effective tips.

1. Read a lot

To be successful in the blogosphere, you need to read and learn more. And that’s why:

  • You acquire more general and specific knowledge that is necessary for blogging, academic essay writing, and for life.
  • You allow your audience to learn along with you, which in turn encourages them coming back to your site for more.
  • Reading enables you to create the content faster.
  • You advance your writing skills by borrowing different tools and techniques.
  • You discover your own blogging voice.

Read your favorite blogs. Think what is so special about them that makes you follow them. But don’t limit reading to the type of stuff you write. You can learn something new from any sort of content, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, or books.

2. Keep a journal

Blogging needs consistency. You must make posts regularly. At the beginning, your productivity might leave much to be desired. You might need to spend hours on writing your essays, editing, paraphrasing in order to make your content look attractive for the reader. That can stunt the development of your writing voice.

You should keep a journal. Nobody is going to read it. So, forget about editing. Don’t judge your work. Just let your thoughts flow. With time, you will become a more confident writer and overcome a fear of criticism.

3. Be confident in your grammar

Perhaps, you know how confusing it can be to read a blog post that is filled with grammatical errors. Develop a proper grasp of grammar, punctuation, and syntax. It will help you establish credibility with readers.

At the same time, it’s totally normal to break the rules of grammar. But there is a great difference between an unintentional mistake and a deliberate choice.

In blogging, you have the opportunity to use a conversational tone, in contrary to assignments writing. You can alter the rules in writing just as you do when talking with your friends. For example, capitalize every word within a sentence to emphasize your statement: “I LOVE WRITING”. Don’t overdo with breaking the rules, but also don’t let the adherence to them ruin your writing voice.

4. Be yourself

Two things are true for all the top bloggers and writers: they’re themselves when they write, and they create original content.

Pretending to be someone that you’re not is one of the worst things you could do as a blogger. Stealing someone else’s content and altering a few things is even worse. Don’t do that!

Don’t be afraid to be different. You should only write about the things that are really interesting for you. Talking about something you don’t care about is a sure way to lose joy as a blogger and get rid of your readership.

5. Write for your audience

How well do you know your target readers? What are their likes, dislikes, and preferences? Current concerns? Age?

Visualize your ideal reader. This doesn’t mean that you will write for a single person. It means that everyone who closely matches your perfect reader will feel that your content is made for them.

The clear vision of your audience needs will help you get more resonance. For example, if you keep a fitness blog, you are supposed to write about fitness. I often see bloggers who wander off the topic of their intended demographic. Stick to your point and always try to reach your readers.

Regardless of the techniques, you decide on, you’ll need to stick to them until your voice springs out to make itself known. In the end, one of the best ways to blog is to sound unique. That just comes from writing daily until your blog starts to sound exclusive and catchy.

Michelle Brooks is the blog editor at EssayService and an independent writer. Her expertise includes career, self-development, and education.

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I am the quality editor at the educational resource and blogger. My personal and professional interests include education, career, self-development and psychology.

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