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A Few Steps You Can Take to Solve Video Conferencing Technical Issues

Video conferencing is gaining popularity, and you can see professionals and businesses across various industries—from social media to technology—adopting this technology to deliver their services and also to keep in contact with their employees and their clients. Blue Jeans indicates that the accessibility of video conferencing for IT helps save time and money in the process. The only thing that could be keeping more people from adopting it are the technical difficulties that they may encounter while trying to use these platforms. Daniel Price on Cloud Tweaks website suggests that by using cloud-based services, this problem can be addressed efficiently.

The trouble with this system is that it could occasionally be disruptive and can put off people easily. The benefits far outweigh the seemingly small hiccups which you can address with the latest technology. It can help people streamline their projects and like any technology, it too has a learning curve, which is worth spending a few hours to understand. With a little bit of effort, common pitfalls of this type of platform can be avoided. Here are some of the roadblocks faced by a majority of professionals and ways to overcome them can make you more at ease with the technology.

Sound Problems

Sometimes, you might find that your app does not produce any sound. You can’t hear the other person talking. It can put you off but with a little bit of awareness, you can solve the problem. The first thing you have to do is check the speakers and see whether they are plugged in and turned on. On many occasions, these simple things matter. Then you may have to test the microphone, cords, and volume. If all of these are fine then, make sure that your audio input and output sources are selected on the computer or mobile device.  Once you ensure that all these aspects are perfectly running, your problem could be resolved in most cases.

Lighting Problems

Sometimes you might find the quality of the image is very poor. You see the entire screen is too bright or dark, and this can be due to poor lighting choices. Either your lights are on or you are using a dark space without sufficient sources of it. In a web chat, it is important to have sufficient light so that everyone in the room can see each other clearly. If there is not enough of it, it could be because you have not pointed the camera correctly, and or you may have directed it towards the light itself, making the room look too bright. You can fix it by checking the webcam or adjusting your lighting settings.

No Connection

There are those days when you are all primed and ready for the meeting to start, but then nothing happens onscreen. You wait for five to ten minutes for a meeting to start but it doesn’t. These issues could happen due to connectivity issues. It is one of the most frustrating experiences users face. It could be due to poor quality internet, or your connection may be running too slowly due to too many people being connected to the network, all of which are factors that may not be under your control. There could also be syncing problems between video and audio output due to a slow network. One of the best ways to overcome these issues is to disconnect and try to reconnect to the network. If you have multiple systems, you may work through other networks. Instead of wasting precious minutes trying too many options, it is always best to have an alternate plan as a fallback during these rare situations.

Alternative Plan

Many IT professionals forget this simple trick for having a successful online meeting. If for any reason the regular connection is not working then you can use an alternative plan so that there is no disappointment and you can continue with the meeting without any hurdles. If you don’t wish to go through all these headaches, Internet of Things Expo suggests to choose a real cloud-based service provider that provides 99.99 percent uptime so that you will never need alternative plans as your service provider will take care of all those issues.

The advantages of this system are worth going through these simple issues, which you can easily resolve. You can ask for the help of professionals and with a little bit of planning, you can avoid most of these roadblocks. With the right cloud-based platform, most of these obstacles will be taken care of. When you are clear on the benefits of these platforms, you will not mind taking the extra few minutes a day to learn more about how to use it with care to prevent these kinds of minor issues. Any technology will have its share of problems, and it is up to you to maximize benefits by avoiding these drawbacks.

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