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Starting a Business After College? From Student to Entrepreneur

Every year thousands of students graduate from universities around the world. Some choose their path looking for work in different companies, others prefer to start their own business. There are many uncertainties to solve and challenges to overcome. The world welcomes some of the “newborn” entrepreneurs. However, failures are also abundant.

Thus should I start a business after college?

This question is one of the most asked ones. How to decide if it is correct to start a business just after having graduated.

There may be two contradictory answers:

  • Perhaps it is better to wait for a little, work, and acquire some practice.
  • Now is just the time to start the business, now that you have graduated from the MBA program, your knowledge is still fresh and your mind active.

If you find yourself reflected in the second question then it is your time to start your own business. Before making any decision, the important thing is to take your time, calm down and start planning everything step by step.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is challenging. Your skills, plus your creativity, plus your passion are the most important points to be a successful businessman.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Lots of things: time, budget, regrets, hopes, disappointment, hard work, and more. It is not about taking all the responsibility alone. It is about sharing ideas, asking for advice, and seeking experts. The web is packed with offers from different companies offering consulting in the founding of your small business. Nevertheless, if you need experts’ advice you should look for reliable offers in the sphere. Some trusted MBA admissions consulting companies can guide you not only in the choice of the best MBA program but also give you some tips on how to start your own business.

What skills do I need to be an entrepreneur?

First of all, you should be passionate about the idea and its fulfillment. If you are ardent you have the most difficult issue solved. Here are some individual skills you should have to succeed in your beginnings.

Interest and Curiosity

If you are a curious person you will always be in search of details and new information. Curious people search, find and apply ideas. They are also attentive to negative points and are willing to fix them.

Analytic thinking

Do not take things for granted. What you are offered and explained may not be what it is supposed to be. If you are open-minded and ready to go deeper into the issue and analyze it in a critical way you are likely to succeed. This skill is very similar to strategic thinking, which means an ability to plan and guide your projects.

Communication skills

If you are shy or have problems communicating with people it will be better to think about taking a communication skill course. Entrepreneurship is about contacting and communicating with people. Any service you offer is based on communication. This skill is essential to rise as a company and as a professional.

Decision-making skill

This skill is probably one of the most compound ones. What do we mean by decision-making? It is the capacity of being quick in solving problems, reasoning, and managing the work. Quick decisions need to be reasonable and meaningful, with analyzed information and creative perspectives.

Management skills

This skill is one of those that need professional preparation and is not innate. Business is about managing finance, time, and relationships. An equitable organization and management is the credo of the success of any company.

There are many other skills a good entrepreneur should have, however, all of them depend on your passion.

Do I need a specific education to succeed in the world of business?

Business success depends on many things starting from business management abilities ending with creativity and market situation.

However, most of the entrepreneurs indeed have a business education, are experts in the field of economics, or have an MBA degree. In the MBA programs, students acquire, among others, focus on their creative abilities and make deals. Yes, make deals. Business is about making deals. Once you make short-term deals and succeed you should start building long-term connections and ventures.

The most popular program for young entrepreneurship is the business administration program. It seems to be a complete pack of everything a newcomer needs to enter the world of business. Nevertheless, there are many specific areas you should investigate in detail to have a clearer idea of where to start from and how to move forward. If you decide to build a website for your business do not forget about local SEO for your small business.

This article gives a piece of inside information about everything a little bit. But how can I know if I am ready to start my own business after university?

Come up with a good business idea

If you have a unique and good business idea you have 25 percent of the job done. Do not copy, this world is full of copies. Your idea can not be provisional and predictable. Creative minds are the best startuppers. If you do not feel comfortable with your business idea do not do investments in it and make necessary changes.

Secure your business funding

The financial part is the most important part of the business. Your company is meant to bring income, but it needs funding as well. Manage your budget and try not to exceed the budget that you have decided to spend on your business. In the case of not having enough budget you can always request a credit from the bank, however, to avoid complications with the payments it is always a good idea to plan everything from the very beginning, and consider possible failures.

Build a Network

The network of your business is your battalion of success. Build your Network by choosing the right audience and connections. Link your business with a similar ecopreneurship and pay attention to all the feedback you get. Feedback assesses the job you do. There are always things to change, spaces to make better, gaps to fill in.

Having said all this, starting a business just after College is a good but not easy idea. The skills you have received during your studies, your curiosity, interest, creativity, and efficiency will guide you in this path. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship is about offering and receiving. Do not look down on anybody. Talk and listen to your customers and, finally, heed your heart for it is wise and passionate!

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"Edita Hovhan is an expert in Iranian and English studies. She is a mom of two sons and holds two University degrees. She contributes articles about education, its methodologies, mentioning some marketing strategies for admissions consulting , new approaches to more effective learning and progress."

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