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6 Skill Sets to Look Out For Before You Hire Asp .NET Developers in 2021

It is one of the most utilized and provided website development and desktop application development platforms used all over the companies and IT industries.

Microsoft introduced .NET around 14 to 15 years ago, but it is still one of the best platforms a developer could ever use.

There were around many updates and up-gradation that were introduced in .NET, which helps the platform to survive through changing trends.
An expert Asp. net developer would need excessive technical skills to render the exact product that the client wants. For which there are top 6 skill sets that have to be looked out for during the hiring process for an Asp.Net Developer. So, please continue scrolling to know the top 6 .NET development skills required.

1. The basic OOP knowledge and MVC

Any dot net development company that is looking forward to hiring the Developer must check for their knowledge in two basic domains.

The first one can also consider as a major building block in programming. It is the Object-Oriented programming skill, also called oops.

It is very easy when objects are used for programming, and that is why many companies and IT industries along with companies are focussing on OOP.

So, the techie that you hire must have the knowledge and practical application of OOP.

Another concept that needs more focus upon hiring Asp.Net Developers is the knowledge about MVC or also called Model View Controller.

These controllers are those that provide better service and aids in the creation of interactive web development platforms.

2. Refraction and database applications

One of the most important things that come into focus when someone mentions a good interacting web development platform is the connection to the database.

Thus, most web development companies try to choose candidates that can use the database and know all the practical differences such as storage, retrieval, duplication error, normal formal, etc.

So, it will be very useful if they know the deeper application of databases which can help in the proper maintenance of an interactive web module.
As the knowledge about the database, it is also necessary that the candidate whom you are going to select will be able to perform code refraction.
Code refraction is a process that can be very useful when you are trying to make a code more workable. This is because the scope of an object and code can be very important when you are changing the code for improvement. Once you know the scope, you will know the area that your code changing can be implemented.

3. Deeper knowledge and understanding of frameworks

There are so many updates that are being done by Microsoft in the .net application and .net development services. But retaining your project within a limit might stop you from exploring all the opportunities that will aid in making the project a bigger one. Frameworks are those like libraries that can provide enhancement to your projects.

These frameworks are not available for the backend process alone but are also present for frontend processes such as Bootstrap etc. So, it is important that your candidate is well aware of frameworks.

An Asp.Net MVC certification can also be a credit for the candidate. These candidates who have completed this certification will be having knowledge in this topic, such as frameworks and MVC. So, it becomes much easier for them when the topics are being applied in a project.

The MCSD certification, also called Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, is another credit where the candidate will have prior knowledge in providing effective solutions for a problem.

4. Front end or client-side knowledge

Though an Asp.Net Developer is a professional who works on the backend, they should also have knowledge in client-side or frontend technologies such as HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap.
This is because having sole knowledge in the backend cannot be useful when they are put into a project that has to be built from the start. The mapping and connection problems can be easily resolved only if they have a deeper understanding of .Net and an overall understanding of the frontend technologies.

5. Knowledge about working on SCRUM

The agile framework is one of the most important and favored SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle models, which helps in providing an efficient project life cycle.
Though there are several other models such as waterfall, loop models, agile has been the star of the show for a long time due to its eminent method.
SCRUM is an important method that comes under the agile framework. So, when a candidate is aware of working on SCRUM, then the person will also be well aware of the agile framework. So, including them in a project can be beneficial and can lead to profit.

6. Non-technical skills also matter

Apart from all these top technical pieces of knowledge that are required when you are hiring a .Net developer, it is also necessary that they have some non-technical skills such as time management and self-learning ability.
A person who has both these qualities will be able to survive in the market longer and also give proper and practical solutions that can install.

The bottom line

Thus, these are the basic skill sets that will be required for a candidate whom you are planning to hire for an Asp .NET Developer. And, if you are a student who wants to get placed in a better company as an Asp .NET Developer, then please make sure that you are aware of both technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge in these subjects.
Certifications that have been mentioned above will help you stand out of the crowd in an interview and will provide extra credit as a .Net Developer.

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Gourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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