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Spotify Re-introduces Invite-only Sign-up

spotifylogoThe launching of Spotify mobile application for the Apple iPhone and Google Android handsets has seen a vast increase in demand by users and thus forced the music-streaming organisation to introduce a “temporary waiting list”. The mobile application is a software program that allows users to access music streaming on the go by using its search function to launch music files on their mobile phones.

Perhaps the reason for the rush to sign-up to Spotify’s mobile application is because it allows users to stream music over wireless and mobile networks as well as “stack” tracks to listen to when out of signal range. Premium users will still be able to get instant access while current users can continue to enjoy its services as usual. However, would-be users will now have to be invited by a friend, sign-up on Spotify’s waiting list or open a Premium account.

Spotify is an online music-streaming service, which allows users to access millions of music tracks and albums instantly via Internet connection. The organisation now boasts of over eight million users worldwide and plans to explore the American and Chinese markets soon.

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