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Small Businesses & IT Infra Security

The Internet is one of business’€™ most powerful tools. With the huge amount of social networking, brand engagement and retail methods being powered by its expansive infrastructure, it is little wonder why no businessperson in his right mind would want to endeavor in business without it. In fact, even brick-and-mortar business set up various online systems and IT infra to do retail over the web to complement their operations offline.

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Owing to this, there has also emerged the serious need for companies to secure their IT infra from unforeseen cyber threats or challenges that could spell disaster for their businesses. A small business that’s also a growing one, for example, happens to be vulnerable to such and could be helped by being adequately protected from cyberspace malevolence from nefarious entities. As a business owner, you need to be aware of the risks your IT-based systems are exposed to so that you could find ways to protect them.

Financial implications

The usual threats that put IT infrastructure in companies at risk come in the form of viruses, theft of equipment and remote attacks on an internal network. IT-based services such as enterprise software systems, online business phone systems and online information storage bins are also compromised in the process when IT infra falls victim to attacks on systems that result in outages or other more severe acts of IT intrusion.

IT equipment also runs the risk of being compromised along with the data and information stored in them. The latter proves to be one that could impact a small company’s financial standing negatively since losing valuable data to IT security failure could cost more than the initial investment any company has made on establishing the infra itself. It is therefore worthy to also invest in the right kind of IT infra protection.

How to prevent attacks

Small businesses are usually the ones more vulnerable to IT system attacks of all sorts owing to the typically complacent attitude many business owners have regarding system protection at the beginning. As a standard however, companies should issue all IT equipment complete with malware protection and anti-virus software. Systems could also restrict access to untrustworthy sites by implementing blocks on certain webpages because of the following reasons:

  1. Viruses tend to be picked up from websites that aren’€™t safe to access but could be accidentally accessed by employees in the process of doing info search.
  2. The opening of dubious emails that activate viruses.
  3. The running of malicious .EXE files, Torjans, worms and spyware that inhibit the progress of work and also compromise the security of important documents.

Having additional back up and malware protection could be acquired via programs like malwarebytes that could detect malware before it strikes. Previously installed malware in desktop devices like PCs and laptops could also be removed using this process.

Worthy addition

A security management system log analysis could also be a worthy addition that small businesses could make to secure their IT infra. The system enables businesses to detect potential security threats without having to go through millions of log files manually.

As sure as viruses and hacking programs are being created and improved, small businesses need to respond by getting systems that are capable of identifying any changes within IT networks via rules-based custom reports. Such systems could expose any suspicious activity with very little effort and could also see through any signs of hacking that could be dealt with quickly.

The most reliable fallback as always, would be for business owners to acquire regularly updated anti-virus software and tutoring employees about the ins and outs of Internet security. This is the most practical investment in time and effort that could augment any financial investment you could make on your IT infra.

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1 Comment

  1. levon

    September 25, 2013 at 4:33 am

    you must be able to protect your business from physical attacks and cyber attacks,

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