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Six Considerations for WordPress Hosting


Content is King on the Internet, and companies that want a good web presence can benefit from a content management system. WordPress provides a quick solution for content management for companies using Linux and MySQL servers. WordPress offers companies the ability to set up authors and managed plugins, and it even has an easy installation system. Listed below are six considerations for choosing WordPress and a WordPress hosting provider.

Ease of Installation

WordPress has been around for a long time now, and the developers have made the software installation an easy task. As long as the company has a MySQL database and enough space to host the files, the installation only requires a MySQL user name and password and a good cloud host that provides a server to support the installation process. The installation process only takes a few seconds, and the WordPress site is ready to go.


Scalability is the only way a WordPress site can grow with the future needs of the company. Cloud hosts such as Rackspace offer a dashboard system, so the IT manager can scale the website resources at any time from anywhere in the world. The IT manager can even scale the system down when traffic is slow. The advantage of scalability in the cloud is that it’s less expensive than purchasing hardware for internal servers.


No one likes to browse a website that has connectivity and hardware issues. Reliability is especially important for ecommerce sites that need to always stay up while users are purchasing product. Cloud hosts offer a way to keep servers up 24 hours a day, and good hosts offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Cloud data centers also ensure that hosts never have data issues, because the data center is able to bring servers out of the rotation that have hardware issues.


When the servers are not under the IT manager’s control, support in case of an emergency is vital. It’s also more convenient for IT managers because they don’t need to be available at all hours. Support is offered by the web host, so a server that fails in the middle of the night is fixed instead of the IT manager waking up to a failed server.


Security is best handled by the experts, and a good cloud host provider has the best security team available. One main goal for a host provider is to protect the company’s data. WordPress sites are infamously hacked, so the IT manager must always keep the software up-to-date. The web host provider can help the company protect the WordPress blog from hacks and help clean up a hack if the company should fall victim to a security breach.


How much storage space does the company need? What is used now might not be enough for the future, so storage and its scalability are always a consideration. The WordPress host must be able to accommodate a growing business. The IT manager should be able to add space as needed, and this includes the storage space needed for the WordPress hard drive.

These six considerations aren’t the only advantages to WordPress hosting. Look for a cloud host that has a good reputation, saves time, and has the network availability at all hours to make changes during off-peak hours.

Written By

Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.



  1. Aayna

    June 12, 2013 at 7:04 am

    The phenomenon of web hosting is indeed very significant in today’s scenario, but one should also focus on hosting in the right manner. The factors which are mentioned in the post are true and relevant and must be accounted for while indulging in web hosting. Thanks for the share.

  2. Fatima

    June 20, 2013 at 8:31 am

    These are basic and crucial points to consider for the strength of a wordpress hosting. WordPress should be kept secure and easy to browse and the hosting service should be there to resolve any technical issues. Thanks for the tips.

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