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Echopass Helping Companies Save Millions

echopasslogoIt isn’t just Amazon, IBM and other Internet firms improving their cloud features – everyone else is too. A large number of companies, such as and VMware, are getting deeply involved in the cloud and are either initiating or expanding their cloud services.

One successful decade-old firm is helping these private companies maintain their cloud services.

Founded in 2000, Echopass Corporation has been offering IP-based call and contact center solutions for enterprises of all sizes as well as government departments and agencies. By utilizing its EchoSystem Service integration program, which is a combination of the best partner technologies and services, entities, institutions and organizations can experience leading cloud-based contact solutions.

Since its establishment more than a decade ago, Echopass has transformed itself into one of the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) providers in the industry. The Pleasanton, California-based firm has worked with companies and public entities with more than 20,000 agents through infrastructure situations, numerous sites and intricate applications.

Companies receive various benefits with Echopass’s cloud-based contact center, such as cost reductions, virtualized contact enters and operations, rapid speeds, improved business agility and allow a transition in IT and business functions.

“Experience with large enterprises, effective execution, all-in-one suite, security & privacy protection, and strong brand name enable Echopass to dominate the hosted market,” the company states on its front-page.

Relationships between a business and its customers are dramatically enhanced, which is an important benefit since studies have shown that clients are willing to spend more time and money with a firm that is willing to initiate a positive customer service experience.

There are numerous features that are provided by Echopass to deal with customers in a timely manner, accurately and efficiently, including integrated multi-channel access, chat and co-browse integration, flexible callback options, social media integration, mobile access and last agent routing.

The Echopass website has an extensive amount of resources to aid visitors and clients to identify the complex problems of their institution and the imperative topics dealt with in the cloud industry. Many of the features showcase analytical insights, whitepapers, videos, business solutions and webinars.

For 13 years, an array of companies, websites and governments have experienced success with Echopass’s expertise. One of these examples is, a website that announced it saved roughly $26 million over the course of five years by using its cloud-based contact center.

Echopass has garnered various awards and honors through its dedication and hard work to improving firms’ needs. Recently, Echopass was named by Frost & Sullivan as North American hosted contact center market share leader for the second consecutive year.

“As enterprise deployments are poised to grow faster in the next few years, the hosted sector is becoming more segmented by size and complexity of deployment,” said Keith Dawson, Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst, in a press release. “In a fragmented and highly competitive market space, Echopass is one of the longest-tenured pure contact center hosting companies to come out of the ASP segment.”

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