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Robotic Intelligence To Conquer The Customer Care Domain

Recently, UBank (a subsidiary of NAB) announced the upcoming release of RoboBrain, which is a cognitive assistant designed specifically for customer care.

Recently, UBank (a subsidiary of NAB) announced the upcoming release of RoboBrain, which is a cognitive assistant designed specifically for customer care. Based on IBM Watson’s platform, the features of this assistant make it one amongst the most viable artificial intelligence in the business world. According to UBank, which is an online-only bank, RoboBrain is designed to help customer service representatives diligently answer customer queries. While it won’t be entirely replacing the need for the human workforce, it can significantly affect the employment in this domain.

The virtual assistant provides one stop-one screen access to data across numerous knowledge bases. Released earlier this month online, UBank said that RoboBrain had been already used to speed up processes similar to international and domestic call center services with the involvement of more than 40 percent of bank’s employees. Apart from this, it has also reduced average search time by one-third, offering a myriad of benefits. Faster response times along with efficient information searches, allow better customer service, which sure is quite propitious.

RoboBrain In The Call Center Domain

The important question here is whether RoboBrain will be capable of adjusting to the norms and requirements of the customer service domain. Customer service is about a lot more than just interacting with customers; it is about forming a connection that can have the desired impact. Businesses that are currently availing customer service call center outsourcing are getting lured to bring technologies like this on board. While this decision will offer a myriad of benefits to commercial organizations; in the long-term, this strategy will fail.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Doomed To Be Unsuccessful?

AI does not qualify to be a part of the call center outsourcing domain because it lacks the human touch. In fact, businesses that are opting for it should rather opt for outsourcing customer service to India or to any other country across the globe. Firstly, robotic intelligence will never be able to make customers feel that they are important. As humans, we have the tendency to detect an individual’s intentions even with just the voice tone. The robotic voice generated by RoboBrain or even Watson will never be able to create the kind of service experience, which a human resource can. Apart from all this, even the most sophisticated technology cannot match the efficiency of the human brain. In any way, the implementation of technologies like RoboBrain should be restricted in customer service domain or there can be a lot of negative repercussions.


Author’s Bio – In this article, the author has talked absout the advent of robotic intelligence in the customer service call center outsourcing domain.

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