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Review on Weston Ridge

Thinking of investing in stocks? Confused about which brokers are the best? We are here to help you understand the workings with a review on one of the most ambitious brokerage companies – Weston Ridge.

What is Weston Ridge?

Weston Ridge Company is a Forex-type brokerage company. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 2006, which shows its high experience in this field. Over the years, it has established its offices in more than 11 countries with trade regulated by the central bank of Ireland. It is also a member of the investor compensation company and also regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Japanese Financial Services Authority (GFSA).

The company is increasingly popular as a high-tech online broker that deals in a wide range of trading markets. It is also highly customer-friendly providing its customers with professional advice on investing in the financial markets. With its live interactive chat option, web visitors can contact them through e-mail or via phone; local as well as international phone numbers. In addition, their customer service can be availed in 14 different languages.

What Makes Weston Ridge Unique?

Ease of Trading

With Weston Ridge, opening a new account online is pretty easy. And before actually creating the account, you can have a free trial. In the free trial, you get to create a Weston Ridge Demo Account with very basic personal information like name and e-mail address. With that demo account, you can explore all the major features of Weston Ridge. After that, if you like it, creating the actual account is also very easy.

For opening the real account, you require more personal information which will include your contact details, an official utility bill, as well as a valid Identity Card as proof. It allows users to add a bank account and deposit currencies from different companies in their accounts which can then be used for trading. You can deposit these amounts by using any money transfer methods including credit cards and wire transfers.

Choice of Assets for Trading

Weston Ridge offers more than 1,250 different assets for the purpose of trading, which is in the form of stocks, forex, indices commodities, and bonds, and it also has its Crypto Sphere, in which they allow the option of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and also Litecoin trading. This allows the customers with good asset options for the purpose of trading, from which they can choose the best and most suitable one.

Offers Islamic Accounts

Weston Ridge also offers a special service for the customers to start an Islamic account. Nowadays, Islamic accounts are coming into more prominence. Just in case you are wondering, it is not necessary that everyone follows the Sharia law in their general financial handlings. So, Weston Ridge offers the option of opening an Islamic account even if you are not following Sharia law. Should you decide to open an account, you’ll only need to be compliant with Islamic customs for that particular trading process.

Ideal For All Types of Customers

Weston Ridge is a good brokerage option for both beginners as well as already existing participants in the market. The company provides beginners with tutorials and also helps them learn to analyze the market situation and make a good choice. In addition, it helps all traders consider the risks and the costs they may incur during a trade. So beginners can learn all the basics of the trading processes and advanced readers can also use the information provided to enhance their knowledge and make a better decision.

Is It a Perfect Brokerage Company?

No one is perfect, and neither is Weston Ridge. The company does not provide very updated information about forex and news from stock markets. Furthermore, its research content is also not of much value, as it is just on the surface level. However, according to its stats, customers are almost always satisfied by the company, which proves that it is a good choice for picking a broker.


In conclusion, Weston Ridge is a really good, legitimate, legal, and reliable brokerage company that aspires to meet the needs of its clients. You can definitely explore it for yourself and see if you reach the same conclusion. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section which other brokerage companies you would like to get a review on.

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