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Review of Drop Servicing Blueprint with Dylan Sigley

In this review, we’re going to detail everything we know about Dylan Sigley. We will first break down Dylan Sigley’s story from his broke student beginnings to his current situation. Next, we will reveal the details of his business ventures based on the evidence available to us online. Finally, we will explain what Dylan Sigley has done with the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and what’s inside.

Dylan Sigley seems to be everywhere these days. Whether it’s on all of the free content he puts online teaching how to make money online with drop servicing or all of the YouTube ads he runs talking about his Drop Servicing Blueprint course. I wanted to put together a complete guide detailing everything you need to know about Dylan Sigley. This way you can see everything to be revealed about him from the evidence easily found online.

I’ll be focusing on Dylan Sigley and briefly discussing his Drop Servicing Blueprint course. However, if you would like to go deeper into information about the course and hear it from real-life students who’ve taken it, I’d recommend checking out the reviews of the Drop Servicing Blueprint and Dylan Sigley on his Trustpilot page. It’s very enlightening due to the many verified students reviewing the course there.

Dylan Sigley’s Personal Story

From what I’ve found online about Dylan Sigley through his own content and others covering it, this seems to be the verified story. Dylan started out as a broke underemployed graduate with $60,000 of student loan debt. He worked in a call centre in Wellington, New Zealand. He got started in online business in 2015, making every mistake in the book. After 3 months of work, he stumbled onto a few things that worked for him and landed his first few thousand dollar sales. Dylan Sigley then built upon this success in what he’d later term drop servicing by building his first 6-figure business in just 7 months. Not long after that, he seems to have started travelling the world as a digital nomad. You can see that in his older Instagram photos.

Dylan Sigley was able to build a 6-figure drop servicing business in his first year of online business. It enabled him to travel around. After a while, he decided to build his business even bigger and automate it a lot with people and software to do the work for him. His friends took notice and started asking him how he did it. While helping his friends, now and then, he realised he could simply document the process in a course. This way, anyone could implement it for themselves and that is how the Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley was born.

Dylan Sigley’s Business Ventures

Based on Dylan Sigley’s LinkedIn account, the first business he started seems to be You can see a lot of example videos and testimonials from real businesses. So, it is clear that the business is making money to this day as a lot of the posted videos are recent. It seems they sell animated videos to clients around the world. We can see that some clients are in the USA, but also Italy, Hong Kong etc. Dylan Sigley details how he started this business and got his first sales on many of his social media channels, so it is easy to get the information if you look for it.

Next, we can see on his LinkedIn profile he has a second company called Direct Impact Digital. It seems to be a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook advertising. They have a few testimonials and it looks like he has been running this business for just over a year. Looking at the website, it seems professionally done and similar to what he had done for I suppose he figured out a formula that works.

The businesses Dylan Sigley specializes in are all drop servicing businesses. It’s a topic he covers pretty extensively on his YouTube channel. Drop Servicing is a strategy for building a digital agency, which allows you to get started for free, basically. Dylan Sigley says he started coaching his friends how to start their own businesses before starting his next business venture that

would become his drop servicing course.

Drop Servicing Blueprint Course

The Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley is a course that teaches you how to build an online business step-by-step. This is done through video training, templates, and weekly group coaching sessions. It seems you get 30+ hours of training in the course that is updated every now and again. Once you become a member you are one for life. It is not a subscription-based program. They also mention they have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for anyone that tries the course and decides it’s not for them. It is focused on teaching beginners how to start their first online business and gives them the tools to do so.

Predicting Dylan Sigley’s Future

Right now the Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley has 439 members in it’s paid Facebook group. In his free Facebook group, he has around 8000 members. While his Youtube channel currently has 10,000 subscribers. Dylan Sigley has built a modest following online through both his free and paid content. It seems that he continues to run his drop servicing businesses to this day and uses what he learns to create his paid content. Through releasing free content he is able to refine and improve his paid content. As long as he continues to build this audience and improve his products it seems Dylan Sigley will be around for a while.


Dylan Sigley is an online entrepreneur specializing in drop servicing. He has built multiple drop servicing businesses over the years. It has allowed him to achieve a digital nomad lifestyle. Through the process of building his online drop servicing businesses, he has developed information used for the Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigely course. In the course, he teaches beginners how to start an online business with training videos, templates, and weekly group coaching. He uses his drop servicing businesses to refine and build the strategies and tactics taught in the course. Looking at his social media accounts and digital presence it would seem Dylan Sigley will continue along this path of building drop servicing businesses and teaching others how to do it with the Drop Servicing Blueprint.

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