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Tech Talk: What Is the Best Length for Pipe Snake Camera?

Are you planning to buy a sewer inspection camera?

Identifying the best length for piper snake cameras is the first of many specifications you should consider before investing. The right choice would allow you to navigate hard-to-reach pipelines easily. It also enables contractors, plumbers, and other specialists to detect issues in the sewerage system. These include clogs, blockages, and weather-damaged pipelines.

If you’re searching the market for a practical diagnostic tool, you should consider its specifications and uses. Many high-grade sewer cameras can cover a 330-meter distance if they have relevant features.

However, you should get a device that aligns with your budget and business goals.

Luckily, our handy guide can help you shortlist the best options.

Let’s learn how to buy the best inspection snake camera.  

The Basics: Understanding How a Sewer Camera Works

What is a snake camera?

Before investing in a high-grade inspection camera, understand its mechanism. That way, you can list the specs and advanced features required for your plumbing and municipality maintenance services.

Sewer cameras (or snake cameras) are diagnostic tools for plumbers, general contractors, sewer specialists, and other professionals associated with underground utilities.  Every type of inspection camera comes with a flexible (or rigid rod). The tip of that rod features a high-definition camera that gives you a complete view of the dim-lit pipelines.

Most cameras capture high-quality images and record videos. They send signals across from one end to another end of the rod, down the cable line via radio transmitted signals. In turn, technicians get a 360° view of the sewerage system. They can move the rod around the length of the drainage system to examine the area.

You receive and view the video/camera recordings on an HDTV monitor. Then use its transmission to provide cleaning and maintenance services for sewers.  You can also use a memory card to create an archive of routine inspections. Technicians can use it to catalog how healthy and stable the conditions are underground.

Other important benefits of the sewer cameras include:

  • Advanced technology allows you to detect plumbing and sewerage problems.
  • You can identify the precise location of clogs and blockages without getting your hands dirty.
  • Cost-effective sewerage solution for many.
  • Saves time and manual energy that would otherwise be wasted on digging pipelines for trivial problems.
  • A viable way to keep an eye out for pipe issues in the event of a natural disaster or stormy weather.

In short, it reduces the time required for detection and diagnosis. In turn, it improves team efficiency and project productivity, regardless of the scope of your plumbing projects.

Importance of Size and Distance: What Is the Best Length for Pipe Snake Camera?

Over the years, the list of advanced sewer inspection cameras continues to grow steadily. Yet, the best length for snake cameras remains 10 to 50 feet. Your choice depends on the tasks at hand and other variables influencing your purchase.

For instance, if you’re inspecting outdoor plumbing lines, you have to reach at least 50 feet in length. You need a longer length for pipe for large-scale construction/sewerage sites.  We recommend smaller sizes for DIY-inspections especially for owners who survey the area for potential threats under the sink.

If you are a professional, you should consider an industrial inspection snake camera. Its extended pipe length (i.e. 20 to 120 meters approx) allows you to reach every inch of the sewerage system.

What’s more?

Heavy-duty cameras with a clunky, unmanageable design limits movement.

Therefore, plumbers and sewer specialists should purchase a lightweight inspection snake camera. Choose a camera with a comfortable grip and user-friendly features. You can also buy a sewer camera that’s connected with a long reel. It provides long length pipe snake cameras with higher flexibility. In turn, you benefit from extra mobility and manage to adjust the angle of your camera.

As a result, you can survey the length of the sewerage system and get a clearer picture of each obstruction.

The Checklist: How to Buy the Best Length Pipe Snake Camera?

Investing in a high-quality sewer inspection camera has become essential for many businesses. Apart from finding the ideal length pipe for your sewer camera, consider its image quality, camera display, and durability.

Here are a few pointers for your purchase:

  • The ideal size of the inspection camera is around 10mm-18mm.
  • Invest in a waterproof design. It prevents the image quality from getting ruined when it comes in contact with wet surfaces and moisture inside the sewerage system.
  • Make sure your camera head tilts and pans to increase coverage.
  • Opt for snake cameras with a bright LED light to inspect low-lit areas easily.
  • Look for chemical-proof and weather-resistant cameras to minimize the risk of wear and tear when you examine industrial sewerage systems.
  • Avoid choosing a camera that does not have long-range visibility.
  • Go for sewer cameras that have a detachable SD memory card. It would allow you to record video footage of your routine inspections.

More importantly, consider the budget and product warranty to make a feasible investment.

Final Words

In the end, choosing the best length for the pipe snake camera depends on the application. You should consider the reasons and uses before purchase to make an informed decision. Use our comprehensive guide to shortlist sewer camera models that match your requirements.

Best of Luck!

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