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Private Cloud Hosting: A Must-Have For Businesses

Deployment models for cloud hosting are of many types including Controlled cloud, Private cloud, Public cloud, Community cloud, Hybrid cloud, and Distributed cloud. Out of all these, private model is the best one. In fact, private cloud hosting surpasses a very prominent model of cloud hosting known as dedicated hosting. This is not only because of the low price of the private model but because of other associated features as well.

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If you are using a dedicated server and want to enhance the privacy and security of your system, you will have to go for a private hardware in such situations. This can be burdensome at times and might lead to failure of the system as well.

Private cloud hosting is the better than dedicated hosting because of following reasons:

1. Security

Security is an issue of prime concern among businesses. Private cloud hosting is in demand among businesses owing to the security level it offers. It is obvious that a secure system would be the most sought-after one. The security levels which Private cloud hosting extends include data protection, network security, and cryptography. These security layers are very important ones as they allow users to access and store their data in a very secure and private ambience. Dropbox desktop application is one of the examples having the security level as stated above. In a private cloud hosting solution, you can only upload and download data in a folder maintained on the cloud if you are a member of that folder or if you have been given the access to it. Besides this, private cloud hosting allows the businesses to enjoy a better and more secure data management system. This ultimately helps the organizations to bring about consistency in their data.

2. Virtualization

Virtualization is another reason behind such hype in the demand of private cloud hosting. Having a virtual machine is mandatory for managing a cloud server. These virtual machines enable the organizations to access data in a very secure and distinctive manner. Intranet hosting is the best example for clarifying the concept here. It is only because of intranet hosting that businesses are able to channelize the flow of their data traffic from the cloud in a private environment. This helps in adding another layer of security to the data and ensures that no information is leaked in any way.

3. Flexibility

The next reason in the queue is flexibility which comes with private cloud hosting. In a private cloud environment, only the authentic members can access the data. It is the best method of hosting when any business has a lot of confidential information. Besides this, hosting of the data ensures that your data will be available to you no matter where you are or what time of day it is; it all works on your demand. This feature is very valuable in situations where the data comprises of monetary information and other financial details. Private cloud hosting ensures that whatever a user needs is within his reach; no matter what they are doing or where they are.

4. Potential and performance

Potential and performance are the next reasons which influence the demand of private cloud hosting. A private cloud will always have more potential and perform better than a public server because the former has lesser traffic as compared to the latter. Besides this, private server is more sophisticated and has more features as compared to a public server. Public servers are not specific and lack modern features. On the other hand, private servers are known for their task-specificity and vigor with which they take up the new features as soon as possible. This helps in the improvement of the private cloud on daily basis. Public cloud works slowly and ultimately mar the working efficiency of the employees. Contrary to this, private servers help in increasing the working efficiency of the employees and thereby increase the net productivity of the organization.

5. Reduction of data redundancy

Last one in the list is the reduction of data redundancy. Private cloud servers aid in bringing about a marked decrement in data redundancy. Redundant data occupies a lot of space. Private cloud filters the data in order to reduce the redundancy levels. Anything stored on the public cloud can be accessed by anyone, and therefore they are more susceptible to redundancy. Private cloud, for example, makes all the transactions specific and distinct, thereby bringing about a redundancy in the data.

These were some of the most common reasons because of which businesses adopt the private cloud hosting model. Choice of the service model depends on the prerequisites and demands of the organization. Security and advancement is the matter of the day. Any model which satisfies these demands of yours will be the best one for you!

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Viola Allen is a SIP and VoIP expert, currently employed with SIPTrunk Providers Dot Com. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements, including Cloud Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Her main motive is to gain more and more information about the latest technological advancements in the industry.

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