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Cloud Hosting: Stimulating the Growth of Smartphones


The world of communication has been significantly restructured with the evolution of smartphones. The way we live, the way we talk, the way we work, everything has been modified by smartphones. These phones are entering in almost each and every segment of our life and somewhat fulfilling our day to day basic needs. Phones nowadays are not only confined to making and receiving calls. It is now possible to send emails, play games, and connect with your friends via social media through smartphones. This enrichment of phones is only possible because of cloud computing. Most of the applications that we find in our phones nowadays are existing only because of cloud computing.

Magnificent increment in the market of Smartphones

Demand of Smartphones is increasing day by day. If talking about the statistics of 2012, there was an upsurge of 42 % in the sales of Smartphones. The reason behind this escalated growth is nothing but the added advantages and benefits that these phones yield. In fact the freedom to enjoy so many features has led us ahead of our past generations who couldn’€™t have ever imagined that a phone can ever be so sophisticated. Moreover, this growth is highly advantageous for the application and software developers as Smartphones act like a platform for these techies for which they can design software and apps. This has only been possible because of the cloud. Earlier there was a scarcity of mobile phone resources and this was something which was hindering the activities of developers. Advancement of the cloud has resolved this issue. Besides this, users also prefer cloud-based apps as they consume less battery and require much less amount of processing capacity in order to run.

Cloud is becoming popular day by day

Since its advent, cloud has never looked back. Its demand is tremendously increasing day by day. Its fusion with the mobiles is another feather of victory for this technology. Integration of the cloud with mobile phones helps in transferring all the data that is stored in the mobile on the cloud. This helps in reducing the battery consumption. Moreover, if the data is on the cloud instead of the mobile phones, the processing capacity of the phone would not be a matter of concern. These reasons have enabled Smartphones as well as cloud to receive positive acclamations from the critics.

Present employment status

We have already been using cloud in our mobile phones. Applications such as social media, voice search, mailing portals, weather detection, etc. are some examples of cloud deployment. There is still a lot more which can be achieved via cloud infrastructure. Other areas of the mobile world which still need emphasis on the cloud are games and anti-viruses. Both these applications consume a lot of phone memory and battery as well. If they are on the cloud, mobiles will become smart in true senses.

Where lays the challenges?

In spite of so many advantages, there are still many challenges associated with the mobile cloud technology. It is not necessary that you will always be within the network area. There are situations where either you are not in the network zone or your mobile is not able to catch up with the network. In such situations, the services are often shut down. Cloud hosting providers are however trying to overcome such circumstances by introducing applications which function even in the offline mode. Distribution of the services is also a challenge for the cloud service providers. They face a tough time while distributing the services between the cloud and the device. This division of services is very important as it is something which will determine the efficiency of the app. Some other issues include lack of standards, latency, portability, etc.

The bottom line

Cloud has a lot in stores for the Smartphones. Cloud hosting has helped a lot in the development and evolution of Smartphones by the addition of many more advanced features. The future of these mobile devices is very bright; all thanks to the cloud!

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Viola Allen is a SIP and VoIP expert, currently employed with SIPTrunk Providers Dot Com. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements, including Cloud Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Her main motive is to gain more and more information about the latest technological advancements in the industry.

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