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PPC and Content Marketing: An Effective Combo for Handsome ROI

Can PPC and Content Marketing work side-by-side? Yes, it can; let’s know how you combine both and drive some exceptional results.

If we consider the common conceptions, then content mostly goes with SEO. How can PPC and content marketing make a better team? 

Well! If done right, content marketing can help your PPC ads, and paid advertising can also help you get more exposure to your content. 

Here’s how you can do it.

Drive Traffic Through PPC Ads and Nurture Them with Content

The difficulty with organic search methods is that driving traffic to your website without an existing audience is practically impossible. Consider that over 4 million blog articles are produced every day, making it nearly impossible for your blog entries to get seen without a strategy in place.

Using PPC advertisements to attract traffic to your website while it is still in the early stages of development will give your brand some visibility and revenues.

Best of all, purchased click traffic will represent a substantial portion of the target demographic you’re currently trying to reach with your brand.

You may gain deeper insights from your audience while also reaching out to gain brand exposure by using Google Ads and Facebook Audience Insights.

Adding a piece of detailed or helpful material to your ad can help you stand out from the competition. Good, high-quality content goes hand-in-hand with PPC marketing more than you might believe, so learn about the overlap between these two aspects of digital marketing. The aim is to concentrate on both campaigns at the same time and use comparable keywords. Paid advertising should be used to convert, while content can be utilized for engagement.

Earn Trust with Ads and Content

Marketers frequently target very specific demographics with Facebook ads. They direct people who click on the ad to a landing page with optimized sales content, product photos, FAQs, reviews, security badges, and other trust cues. Their goal is to get the lead to click the add-to-cart button, which is strategically placed for maximum visibility, and then complete the conversion.

However, when it comes to improving PPC landing pages for purchase conversions, marketers frequently have tunnel vision. Even if their PPC campaigns are successful in bringing people to the site, those visitors may feel as if it was a waste of a click because they haven’t concentrated their efforts on making visitors feel at ease instead of focusing solely on persuading them to convert.

Before making a purchase from an unfamiliar company, people frequently browse the site’s other pages for signs of credibility. Having a constantly updated blog with a lot of high-value material and social proof indicators establishes credibility and generates the confidence necessary to drive conversions.

Stimulate Best Landing Page Experience

Even the savviest paid media manager can have trouble building a landing page that meets the client’s needs. You should make use of your creative content to create a one-of-a-kind landing page that guides inbound leads through your conversion funnel.

Visitors that click on advertising are more inclined to look around your site before making a purchase. Consider the buyer’s journey and how the material might be used to help them along the way.

Apart from the landing page content, include testimonials, customer reviews, and links to pertinent articles for visitors to peruse before making a purchase choice. Not every visitor who clicks on your ad will buy something that day or even that session.

Providing relevant and high-quality content on your website will become a crucial touchpoint in your conversion attribution path.

Use PPC Keywords Data for Content Marketing

Keywords are one thing that both your content marketing and PPC campaigns have in common. You may use your PPC keyword analytics to figure out which keywords bring in the most traffic and money. You can also examine successful ad copy and apply it to your organic content campaign.

To advertise your services/products to customers, consider employing commercial intent keywords in your articles and other content. Branded keywords are extremely popular and have a substantially greater click-through rate than ordinary keywords.

Combine your keyword approach and apply the results of one campaign to the other. A/B testing should be used to determine which keywords perform best in each campaign.

More SERP Real Estate

Having two or more links on the same page will, of course, enhance website clicks. This is especially important on mobile devices, where users prefer top results and paid ads.

Multiple appearances of your site in SERP boost brand exposure and authority in the eyes of the searcher, which increases click-through rates. PPC ads and content marketing can help you earn more SERP estate both organically and inorganically. 

Content Marketing to Hone Targeting

You publish content on a frequent basis in the hopes that your core buyer sees it and becomes a paying client. While content marketing gives long-term SEO benefits that eventually help customers find you, it frequently involves broad targeting in the immediate run. Guest blogging, for example, is a common content marketing strategy. When an infographic design studio contributes a guest post to a digital marketing blog, however, just a small percentage of the readers are likely to be interested in engaging the agency to generate visual material for their company.

Because you’ve examined demographic data – age, gender, geography, and hobbies – from prior buyers, you can laser-target your content through a PPC campaign with a recorded buyer persona. In your content promotion, you can exclude unlikely consumers while including likely buyers.

Remarketing Your Content Marketing

Remarketing can also be used as a crucial content marketing tactic to help you boost your search engine ranking. Although calling some of this remarketing may be a stretch, a lot of what we’ll cover is quite similar to remarketing. In any case, there are a few options available.

  • One method is to simply install a Facebook Pixel that tracks people who visit your site and read the content. This enables you to build a Custom Audience, which is made up of people who have already visited your website.
  • This content marketing technique entails promoting content upgrades or Whitepapers to visitors who have read a piece of material on your site but have not joined your mailing list. This way, you’ll be able to bring more individuals into your funnel, you’ll be able to better monetize your site.
  • After someone has read anything on your blog, you can use remarketing tactics to inform them of other pieces of material that they might be interested in. If you were running an eCommerce store, this is comparable to how you would promote related products to someone.

Here you go!

These are some ways PPC and content marketing can go side-by-side and aid each other. All these ways will help you integrate PPC and content marketing and generate better and quick ROI. So, start working on this strategy, or if this is rocket science to you, you can even hire a digital marketing agency as well. 

So, make your move!

Gajendra is a digital marketing professional and web content writer. He is always eager to learn, experiment, and implement. Astronomy is his escape from the outside world.

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