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Why Is Office 365 Important for Every Business?

Office 365 has brought significant value to businesses worldwide. It is the capabilities of the tech giant that helps in improving the ability of businesses to perform better in this competitive world.

Check out some of the reasons because of which your business can flourish with the help of Office 365.

1. Communication-powered productivity

Productivity is a part of the strategy, and you need a great team to work together. However, if they do not get an option to communicate properly from time to time, productivity will be stalled, and you’ll have to face issues regarding the same at regular intervals. Using apps like Skype for business will help your team connect easily and enjoy other options like cloud PBX, Skype meeting broadcast, PSTN conferencing and PSTN calling.

2. Simplified infrastructure, lowered costs and power to the people

Microsoft has always helped businesses be on target and Office 365 offers businesses an option to simplify the infrastructure by offering an overall solution with the productivity and collaboration suite. This helps in cutting down on costs and give power to the people so that they spend considerable time on working in meetings rather than trying to get things set up.

3. A partner ecosystem that can deliver results globally

Office 365 is capable of playing an integral role in extending these services globally and providing the highest level of experience by delivering communication solutions end to end. Microsoft has partnered with companies across the world, and so you do not have to worry about missing a link while communicating with your business partners and prospective business partners anywhere in the world.

4. Outlook synchronization

Synchronizing your Outlook email, calendar, tasks, and contacts will help you in getting real-time updates without Microsoft Exchange. Tools like Adeptia use Microsoft Azure Active Directory to give you an option to synchronize events created in your CRM with your Outlook 365 email account by creating a Calendar event.

5. Security and Analytics

With the latest security and Data Analytics capabilities, Office 365 ensures that businesses can keep the data safe and be on track with real-time information through rich dashboards. You can consider options like MyAnalytics, Power BI, Customer Lockbox, Advanced Threat Protection and Advanced eDiscovery to stay on top and make sure that things do not go wrong while you’re busy with other business processes. These capabilities have added value to enterprise customers and are making an impact on various organizations across the world.

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Linda is a writer and musician residing in Boise, Idaho in the United States. She graduated from the College of Idaho with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.

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