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Must-Have Features In a Video Editing App

In recent times, the consumption of video content has increased, and people prefer to digest visually appealing content rather than reading one. Video content is high in demand because it is entertaining and engaging. Users like to see the video content from their favorite brands as it educates them much better.

That said, video content will not stop any time soon, so as a business owner developing a highly interactive video editing app is the right thing to do. Many entrepreneurs are already promoting their products & services via video editing apps and making a profit.

The market size of video editing software is expected to reach $907 million by 2025, as mentioned by Statitsa. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it is advisable to integrate unique features into your video editing app. You can avail of the mobile app development services and turn your app idea into reality.

This blog discusses the top four must-have features you should add to your video editing app.


The first must-have feature in a video editing app is libraries that deliver a better user experience. This feature stores multiple pre-defined templates, sound effects, and fonts that enhance the user experience.

A video editing app like VN video editor maker has a library of multiple features, like aesthetic, film, retro, and more. Besides that, users can also store their projects which they can use at any time.

Audio Tools

Another necessary feature in a video editing app is audio tools that have an option to add built-in or external audio into the video. This feature also manages the audio’s volume, enabling the users to adjust the volume accordingly. Audio automation is also a necessary feature in a video editing app that helps in detecting the voice.

VN is a video editing app with multiple sound effects, like pop, dynamic, fresh, and so on. The video editing app is also integrated with several sound effects, like machines, weather, cartoon, etc. Users can also extract the audio from any video saved in their gallery and add it to the edited video.

Professional Video Editing

If you want a good video editing app for your business, you must ensure that users can create professional videos using their photos or short clips. As a result, you can add various video effects with text edits using different fonts.

VN or Quik are two examples of video editing apps with featured templates, like digital frames, Instagram reels, marketing videos, etc. Users are also allowed to create templates of their own choice.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is a feature that is essential if you want to give your video a more artistic feel. Users can specify a timeframe for when certain activities should be completed, and that action is then automatically carried out.

The keyframe animation feature smoothly switches between various clips and delivers attractive results. Users can also build a series of events in their film through time-lapse. In addition, a video editing app like Splice can demonstrate the diversity of their work by using the slow-motion effect.


If you want a successful business and to make money, developing a video editing app with unique features is highly advisable. You must consider the above-mentioned factors while creating a video editing app from a mobile app development company to stay ahead of the curve.

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