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How A Multiline Phone System Can Enhance Customer Service In Retail Shops

Are you an entrepreneur who owns a retail shop? Have you ever thought about upgrading your telephone system? There are so many things that modern telephone systems can do in order to enhance your customer service. Happy customers mean more money for your business. If you haven’t the slightest clue about the improvements of telephone systems, this article will give you a few insights on how you can improve your level of customer service just by upgrading your phone system.

Efficiently manage calls

Don’t you just hate getting a busy tone or being kept on hold when calling your vendors or suppliers? The same goes true for your customers. They want quick service when they call. With a multiline system, you can easily manage calls and see if there are incoming calls. This function, along with Caller ID, allows you to prioritize client calls.


With conferencing, you can talk to a specific person from a specific department while the client is still on the line. Managers will be able to assist both parties to resolve the issue immediately.

VIP Mailing List

You can actually connect your telephone system to your company network. You can host a database of VIP clients and inform them of special promos and sales. You can also upgrade/update their status while talking to them over the phone. A pop up window will show their information, sales habits, etc. which your staff can use to help the clients.

Call restrictions

Let’s face it, not everyone can be model employees. Avoid unnecessary phone chatter by restricting calls and phone functions that employees can use. You can assign specific functions to each department or each employee. You can set your own rules on how your employees can use the telephone system. Your employees can focus on more important things while your customers will enjoy faster service.

Hold music as advertisements

Make use of hold music to advertise your shop’s upcoming sales, events and promotions. Some phones have pre-recorded hold music while some providers give you the option of recording your own hold music or message. Just make sure that your announcements are fresh, up-to-date, engaging and informative.

Direct customers to the right persons or department quickly

If your telephone system can handle several calls at once, you can easily direct customers to the appropriate person or department that will best help them with their query or problem. Take your customer service up a notch by using an Auto Attendant. This feature will allow customers to go directly to the person they want/need to talk to. They can just choose from a set menu, push a few buttons and have their call answered as soon as a representative is available.

With so many gadgets and innovations, the telephone is still a necessity in every business. It has retained its basic features and functions but continuously evolves with the changing times. Is your phone system ready for the future?

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Michelle is a driven and dedicated white hat link builder from the Philippines with over 10 years of extensive experience and many successful projects under her belt. She has handled SEO for startups, small to mid-level businesses as well as corporations.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bob Baggely

    January 26, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. My company has recently installed a multi-site Estate Agents with a new phone system. the efficiency savings, not to mention, money savings mean they are loving the new features.

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