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How to Create A Whiz Before You Launch Your App

With rising competition and rising rivalries in app developer communities, every developer is keen to surpass his adversary in showcasing and promoting his app. Relationships with peers in such a market scenario are always shallow and every app developer tries to find new tricks up his sleeve to achieve the unthinkable.

Creating a buzz, hype or a whiz before the launch of an app is an ideal strategy adopted by developers to highlight the app. What this hype is able to achieve is that it creates a tingling sensation in the stomach of inquisitive users who are always ready for an app which has something new to offer. If a developer is able to catch user attention by this whiz before the launch then he is sure to have hit the bull’s eye.


But catching user attention in a saturated market where already millions of apps exist is a task easier said than done. But it is not a task which is impossible in an industry which has seen revolutionaries like Steve Jobs, who are known to have surpassed themselves for creating a whiz before a new product launch so effectively that their products have established new opening sales records.

Here are a few strategies which a developer needs to adopt in order to give his app the maximum push before it is launched.

  1. Promoting through Preapps

Preapps is a platform where you can showcase your app before its launch. It is a virtual marketplace for testing, rating and discovering an app before it is released. It has dedicated communities which are always on the lookout for new apps and new concepts. Users who sign into Preapps are immediately notified as soon as an app becomes available for beta testing. Through Preapps you can get the reviews on your app even before it is released. You will also get emails from users who want to test your app and who could later turn into customers. A developer needs to sign-up with Preapps by providing information like App name, description, price, category or genre, platform it is designed for, expected release date of the app, icon of the app along with screenshots.

  1. Creating a website for your app

A website serves like a virtual home for your app and also provides you with a lot of space to write about your app and explain its features in detail. It is always a smart idea to provide a download link for the app if it is open source. Screenshots and videos related to your app can also be displayed on the website. The website for your does not need to be an elaborate one, but a small and to the point blog will suffice. The website will also serve as a platform for users to sign-in for you to prepare an email list.

  1. Create a controversy

Attention seeking developers can go to any extent to grab the user’s attention. Even offending users in a way to arouse their interests is a part of the strategy. Developers sometimes create posts with controversial topics such as “An app for IDIOTS” to offend users and invite them to post sometimes negative comments. But surprisingly, while offending some, these kinds of posts seem to please other users. If publicity is what you want than this one could be for you. After all publicity is publicity, be it negative or positive and sometimes if does not take time for negative publicity to convert to positive publicity. It all boils down to engaging the users by either hook or by crook.

  1. Promoting to Parallel audience

Once you are done with your controversial post, it is time to procure a parallel audience for your app related post. A lot of other platforms like Slideshare are there where you can find a much larger audience than your blog for your posts. A much needed attention is required to choose the right platform which has communities related to your app and the audience which is your target user base. Making blog posts of Facebook and Twitter like social networks works well for creating app related hype.

In conclusion it is much needed to create a whiz, hype related to your app before its launch to cut through the competition and create awareness regarding your app in users.

Written By

Katie Stanfield is more of a magician than an app designer who works with Xperts Infosoft, a cross platform app development company based in New Delhi. When she is not toying with a new app idea, she can be seen at a nearby salad bar, eating Greek salad. You can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.



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  2. Jesse Hackshaw

    June 6, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    I’ve been thinking about launching an app myself, I didn’t think that I’d have to go through all these steps but I’m glad to have found out about them. So for now, I’d just go back to the drawing board and see how I can use some of these tips to have a good launch.

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