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Most Lucrative Categories Of Gaming Apps In 2013


Gaming is almost an addiction for the gamers out there. Some titles have proved to be earning gold coins literally. This year, interestingly, a majority of the top money minters are from companies in Japan, South Korea and Finland. Bet you’€™ve played one of their games! Let’€™s see which genres of gaming apps have set not only the gamers€™ hearts but also the business€™ profit charts racing.


Publishers have trusted the intelligence of the gamers, and have provided them with a fun dose of intelligence testers. Anime-style card games, block arranging games and puzzle games have made a mark in this category. Puzzle and Dragons by GungHo Online reportedly earns between $54 million to $75 million per month, as reported by GungHo’s officials.

Now that’s quite an impressive figure for a puzzle game with dragons gifted with wings. Diffusion Million Arthur and Minecraft are some of the other top grosser in this category. Yet another money minter is Candy Crush SAGA. With its new episodes of munchy monolith and new chameleon candy, it surely has played the correct match with its audience.


The thrill and excitement imparted by this category has proved to be rather lucrative this year. Since the past year, Rage of Bahamut has been ranked #1 in the Apple app store as well as on Google play. This game that lets users battle real players in dramatic quests and adventures has shown that gamers still have a special bond with quests and a special desire to victoriously overcome them.

In a study by Onava, a company that traces the apps active usage by users, the other highly adventurous game Clash of Clans has bagged rank #1 for being the top grossing game on iOS. The point however, remains that adventure has remained appealingly adventurous for gamers since its inception.


Be it breeding a city or a farm, it seems the human emotion of caring has multiplied by several times this year. People are enjoying taking care of farms, cities and pets. This has definitely made the market steady and bullish for games involving building and breeding.

Kingdom of Camelot, in which the player has to build a kingdom, has placed itself on the moneymaking throne. It has raised a hefty amount of $125 million from its investors, including Intel and Google. And which gamer hasn’€™t heard of FarmVille? Just the fact that every gamer is familiar with it is enough to tell that this one has cashed in several bucks!


Abstract artwork, mythical creatures and fireballs have held a special place in everyone’€™s lives right from childhood days. These very aspects have engaged gamers, and made their place in the gaming market. Legend of the Cryptids, a MMORPG attracts a strong ARPU (Average Revenue per User).

This metric ascertains how much a game has earned from every user who has downloaded the game. Another strong standing ARPU game, Castle Age has also pocketed a good amount of the dazzling dollars.

Social gaming

It’s a competitive world. It’s a friendly world.

Based on the above two claimed principles of this world, publishers set out to make certain games which have turned out to be highly lucrative. Games that unite buddies even in virtual battles, have acquired huge thumbs up in 2013. Friends play games, and feel €˜high€™ when a post about them scoring higher than their opponent friend is posted on Facebook.

Pool has hit charts with its stick, while Seattle-based casual gaming company’€™s Big Fish Casino has obtained strong ARPUs.

Gaming is a passion that isn’€™t ever going to die out. Rather, people die for this passion, literally! No kidding, read about extreme gaming addicts!

Tracking past records, and placing light on current scenarios, developers and publishers can predict which category of gaming apps is going to make gamers blow the hoot or call for a shoot.

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Vishal is the founder of Appsquare—an app development company based in Sydney that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naser

    July 31, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Nice list bro. I love breeding games like Farmer, Empire Builder etc. but those games are good for PC and low level devices may not be able to support these games……

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