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media advertising

Media advertising should certainly be part of a company’s promotional campaign. There are many types of media campaigns and the one you select depends on the kind of action you want the viewers to take. All businesses need media advertising at some point or the other, especially if the sales are slow.

Topical Advertisements

This is the easiest to produce, as you just want the viewer to perform a particular action, such as listening to tonight’s broadcast or pick up a specific magazine. To create a topical ad, you require a team of professionals who can create the ad quickly, as after a few days it will become stale news and no one is interested in it any more. The ad need not be restricted to Television, Radio or Print, as it can also be done using the social media.

Image Ads

These are ads that come along with a picture. It aims at creating a favorable picture of the product or of the company in the consumer’s mind. The basic function of such form of advertising is that it should increase awareness among the consumers and make them familiar with the product. This familiarity should, further, lead the consumer to buy the product.

Image ads can be used in combination with text ads. Image ads have a long lasting impression and helps build the brand. It highlights certain factors that you want viewers to associate with the product or company. For instance, a news television channel might want to project the image of being compassionate. This could be done by presenting an image ad where the news team members help an old lady or just help a child swing in a playground and so on. It helps differentiate their channel from the competitors.

Comparison Advertisements

In this case, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. For instance, you could state that yours is the only company with a particular characteristic and show why it is unique. This need not be done aggressively and the comparison can be done subtly without actually naming the competitors directly.

Consumer Testimonials

In this form of advertising, the consumer is allowed to do the talking about the advantages and features of the product or company. Such testimonials add greater credibility to your image, as real people are used to do the ad and they are considered trustworthier than just an announcer or a hired employee. The script in such advertisements should be realistic and conversational. Some companies even let the person speak in his/her own words regarding the product to make it more genuine.

Cost Effective

These are just some of the kinds of advertising campaigns and the one you select must keep the audience engaged and retain your customers and acquire new ones. Different mediums of advertising are capable of targeting different age groups and there are specific strategies that target individual groups and lifestyles. Whatever the method of the campaign, the marketing methods used must be cost effective and marketers must understand the medium completely before they use a particular medium

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