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Things To Consider When Buying A 15-inch Laptop

laptopEven with total tablet and hybrid invasion, good-old 15-inch laptops sit tightly and refuse to leave their market niche in favor of  more innovative gadgets. 15 inches remains the most popular screen size to replace obsolete desktop PCs. In fact, it incarnates the concept of laptop in almost every explanatory dictionary you are able to find on the web.

As opposed to their 17-inch sibs, these laptops are way more mobile and easier to carry from one place in the office to another or on a weekend trip to a country house. Though you probably won’t schlep it around all day long, for an average 15-inch laptop weighs up to six pounds and your hands won’t be grateful to you for this kind of exercise.

A scanty number of models relying on the dual-core CPUs will only suffice for office work and surfing the Internet. Meanwhile, the majority of laptops are full-powered, able to be your one and only computer for daily needs. With some minor exceptions, a quad-core processor will provide you with excellent video-editing productivity and gaming facilities. On the other hand, it won’t save you from the built-in integrated graphics which deprive you of demanding games. That’s why we insistently recommend you to look for models with dedicated or discrete graphics or for those that include both dedicated and integrated graphics and give you the possibility to change it depending on the current tasks.

With the almost simultaneous launch of Windows 8 and top-manufacturers’ ultrabooks and hybrid tablets, touchscreens have become a truly indispensable part of our everyday life. To keep up with them, the latest laptop show a tendency to have touchscreen, too. Take it or leave it, but Acer Aspire and Sony VAIO have reached their target audience in a short period of time and don’t seem to plan to give ground. Apart from touchscreen options, companies do their best in producing high-performance multimedia laptops with full-HD monitors. The worthy 15-inch models that fall under these criteria are Lenovo Idea Pad and previously mentioned VAIO and Aspire or MacBook Pro with Retina Display, so why not take them into consideration if you’ve already decided to buy a laptop.

Some of the top-rated models include built-in subwoofer to enhance the pleasure you receive from listening to music, watching movies or gaming. Another one convenience you might find really useful for spreadsheet work is numeric keypad. At last, a worthy 15-inch destined to replace your desktop computer must have all the ports you might need in the everyday use.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naser

    July 31, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    My personal favourite brand for laptops is Dell. I have two Dell laptops (one 15.6 inch and another 10 inch) and a desktop (19 inch). All those work effectively and the support of Dell is awesome.

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