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Minoxidil; the Topical Magic Treatment

The stigma associated with baldness:

The beauty world has associated stigma with baldness and makes it look like something shameful. But why? Is it something one can control? It is a process that occurs naturally and exhibits the beautiful phenomenon of how our bodies change over time.

Often, baldness is connected with ugliness. The world has made everyone believe that hair adds worth to your existence. It’s all a lie. No physical aspect of your appearance can add worth to your reality. If anything, the way you perceive the world, your morals, and manners are some of the few things that genuinely make you worthy.

What is male-pattern hair loss?

Have you been noticing a receding hairline lately? Is the hair fall heavier than usual? Chances are you are suffering from male pattern hair loss. There’s nothing to worry about, as it does not mean you have a severe undiagnosed illness that is causing all of it.

Usually, the condition is hereditary means it has been passed down through the family genes. Other times, it may be because of an excess in the androgen levels in the body. Several factors contribute to baldness, and it’s hard to pinpoint any one of them.

How to treat male-pattern baldness?

Opting for a hair transplant to treat baldness sounds like a terrific option. However, hair transplants are usually costly, and there’s no guarantee that they will ensure a fuller scalp.

However, there is a cheaper alternative that works brilliantly. Minoxidil; is an ointment/cream that should be applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Many people swear by this medicine as it has done wonders for them. For more information about it, go to your local pharmacy or check online at a site like Canadian PricePro Pharmacy.

The connection between smoking and male-pattern baldness:

Numerous research studies have proven the link between baldness and smoking. As shocking and unrealistic as it sounds, the truth cannot be denied. Therefore, it’s almost time to quit smoking if your family has a history of male-pattern baldness, as smoking can serve as a trigger.

Baldness and its effect on mental health:

Baldness may be directly linked to the progression of depression in several men. The pressure on men to look a certain way is often ignored, but it does not mean it is not there.

People suffering from androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male-pattern baldness, suffer from insecurities and anxiety because having a bald scalp is often considered unattractive.


Male-pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is prevalent and a part of the aging process. It cannot be avoided but indeed can be delayed by making necessary lifestyle changes. Stress plays a very significant role in triggering the condition. Therefore, avoiding stress may help in minimizing the chances of going bald. Acceptance takes time, and it may seem like the world has come to an end, but the amount of hair on your scalp does not define your worth. Stay confident and keep your head high.

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