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Master Common WordPress Errors to Make Development Flawless

According to, WordPress now powers 25 percent of the Web. Yes! It’s true. Many big names like eBay, SONY, NYT, CNN, and others rely on WordPress for their business. WordPress is one of the simplest CMS platforms that let a novice manage a website with little or no programming knowledge. No wonder, why various organizations want their website in WordPress.

Well, all credit goes to WordPress team for bringing such a powerful platform and also the developers’ community working across the world to make this platform more effective.

Development gets easier in WordPress. When you log into the admin panel of your site, you will find two options in your default WordPress editor, and that are HTML and Visual. If you choose the Visual editor, the code will appear like ordinary text.

If you want to customize your WordPress site as per your requirement, you can do it through HTML, PHP, and CSS codes. Errors are an integral part while coding for a website and you would agree that developers learn by the mistakes they do and rectify during the development process. So, never be afraid of errors as they lead developers to find correct solutions.

This blog highlights some common WordPress mistakes that need to be mastered to make development process flawless.

Now, let’s take a glance at WordPress mistakes, one by one:

Start Using <code> in Your Posts

WordPress allows you to represent the code using <code> tag in the posts.

For instance, use <code>demo text</code>.

If you use this sample, the text will look similar to a code sample, but it will become complicated if you use an actual code.

Just take a look, how will it look in your text tab:
demo text

Not Setting Up Permalinks

Stop using the default URL structure: /?p=123 that you get in WordPress because it may negatively impact your SEO because you are not helping readers locate your content. This is one of the development errors that are often overlooked! Therefore, define a permalink structure during installation. For this, click on Settings, and then click on Permalinks to update the structure.

Start Using <pre> Tag

In general, the <pre> tag query browsers to use a monospaced font and to denote what is hidden inside the <pre> tags. If you are going to use long text, then you have to put breaks. Otherwise, the text can disappear from the page.

Take a glimpse at this example:


body {

            font:15px Verdana;




Common Concerns with Code

One of the common issues that occur is the use of quotes in the block or piece of the text. Though you can get rid of this issue, if you prefer to use the <pre> or <code> tags. In addition to it, you can also use the corresponding character entities to replace the used quotes.

Take a look at this one:

You can write the code <div id=”header”> as &lt;div id: &quot;header &quot; &gt;

Convert Some Portion of the Code into Character Entities

Take a look at this code:

<code><div id=”header”></code>

If you use this piece of code, then the WordPress might consider the code place between <code> for formatting, and it can create a big problem in your layout.

If you want to get rid of this problem, then you will have to transform those symbols into the HTML codes.

Now, consider this example:

<’ can be changed into ‘&lt,’ once you alter this code, your code would look like this:

<code>&It;div id =”header”&gt;<code>.

Not Cleaning Out the Database

Well, everyone wishes to make their site load faster, right? For this, you should be aware that some factors contribute to a slow loading experience. The factors may include poor server host, pages are not cached, or even your database is cluttered. No need to worry, though! You can clean out your database with the help of plugin like WP Clean Up. This plugin will clean your entire database at just one click and improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Not Using a Caching Plugin

Another way to make a site load faster is by implementing caching on the website. For this, you can rely on WP Super Cache plugin. If you are not using caching plugin, you are compromising with the performance of your website. With the help of caching you can serve content without relying much on your database each and every time, your users hit the URL on their browser.

Customizing Parent Theme Instead Of a Child Theme

One of the development mistakes developers often does when they customize parent theme instead of a child theme, which is not a right approach. Reason (s)? We all know that we should always install updates and if you install an update for a theme you are using on your site, it will override all your customizations. Therefore, you should create child theme so that you could update parent theme while keeping your customization.

Try GitHub Gist

GitHub Gist allows you to share your code with others.

Properly name your file, choose the language and paste the code in the text area, and don’t forget to keep the ACE editor enabled. Further, select the style of indent, and choose the “Create secret gist” or “Create public gist” option as per your preference.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is an ultimate platform that offers easy development. However, errors are quite natural to occur. Follow the tips explained above to overcome common WordPress errors to make development flawless.

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Abhyudaya Tripathi is an avid digital marketer with over 8 years of experience. As an Associate Director at ResultFirst, a Digital Marketing Company, he helps businesses optimize ROI by suggesting the essentials of web design. His area of expertise covers everything that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. Off duty, he loves to travel and devour delicious Indian street food.

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