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Manage Your Web Development Project With These Easy 7 Steps

According to a survey done by Wrike, it is only 64% of web development projects succeed in meeting their goals. And one of the major reasons for this 36% failure is poor management of your website development project.

Whether you are choosing PHP or Laravel for the web development project, the importance of better project management increases when you are outsourcing help from a different timezone. Not to mention, there must be no problems during the development phase for a better web development project life cycle

In case you feel like the entire web development project is getting derailed, then you should plan out a better plan to manage all the tasks of your project. In this article, we have mentioned 9 such tips that can help you to get your web development project back on track.

Stop Using Email

While it is a convenient way of communicating, Emails are absolutely the worst when it comes to tracking the progress of and discussing the project and statuses. The email thread just piles upon each other and makes it impossible to track a specific point in communication.

The two big things that can go wrong with using emails to manage the project are this-

Firstly, you can lose track of your instructions, or the instructions of the project manager. It is hard to scan every email sent back and forth between the team members for specific instructions.

Secondly, if you have to include someone who just joined your development team in the conversation, they won’t be able to see the previous communications. This is going to prevent them from being on the same page as the other members of the pages.

The first sign of a good quality web development service is the perfect communication between the team and clients. And that’s why for effective project management and better communication among the team members, you need to use project management tools such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc. these tools are created to track your project statuses, manage deadlines, and set milestones easily.

Create Proper Subtasks

Now just because you have a project management system now, does not mean managing your web development project is going to get easier. The main key to managing the various web development tasks for your project is to break down the bigger tasks and create proper subtasks.

This practice gives you the opportunity and freedom to assign different subtasks to different team members. This way they would be able to work on those subtasks assigned to them simultaneously, which will ultimately get the job done faster.

Have A Due Date For Each Task

Now that you have created various subtasks, you need to assign a due date to finish them.

Assigning a due date to each task and subtasks you create can help you to stay on top of the deadline you will have. Along with that, there is also the benefit of being able to keep track of any kind of delays that are happening in development and find out the cause for it. This will help you to build a scalable product.

Add Milestones

When you follow the web development project management techniques of any successful web development NYC, you will notice that their best practices include setting up milestones.

The term milestone in web development means the completion of a group of tasks. These are aligned with final deadlines and are effective in keeping the morale of the team up until the project is done. Different tools come with the feature which enables you to set up milestones. This way you can keep a track of what parts of projects you are falling behind on and makes sure that you do not miss the deadline.

Align The Various Tasks In A Logical Sequence

You have to ensure that the tasks you have set are set up according to their importance. This way you will be getting the more important tasks done first.

To do this you need to discuss with the client first to better understand the priorities. This will help you to understand the specific needs they have for their projects and you can chart out the flow of development of the project accordingly.

It will not only help the team to get important tasks done, but it will also help you to gain a clear idea of what needs to be done first and what needs to be done last.

Keep All Project-related Conversations In One Place

Keeping all project-related documents in one place is going to make sure that the various discussions stay together and are easy to find in case of need. You can still use emails for this, or you can use tools like Slack.

It is one of the favorite communications tools for developer teams in any Web Development Company. With Slack, the team members can create different channels to discuss different topics, all in the same group, so no need to create different group chats for different topics. Additionally, developers can use or create third-party tools to be used on this problem.

When it comes to web development project management, communication is key. So make sure that the candidate can communicate well with the team when you hire web developers.

Close All The Open Conversations

Probably one of the most important rules of project management is that the one opening the task must be the one to close it. As a project manager, you can open a task and assign it to web developers, and when they finish it, they will assign it to you.

Once it has been assigned back to you, you need to provide feedback and assign it back to the team member. Or, if you are satisfied with the result, then you can just close it. This will make sure that the entire development process stays cleaner without any open ends or tasks.

There are many other steps you need to take to make sure that your CMS web development project is managed properly. Proper management of the development project will make sure that the product you are building turns out to be scalable, helping the client to increase their business.

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Pratip Biswas, the Owner and CEO of Unified Infotech is actively involved in, Mobile App Development, and Internet Marketing since 2010. Pratip's knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced in the web and mobile app industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company to success.

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