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Make Your Business Paperless In 2014 With These Tools

Despite being in the age of wireless networks, smartphone applications and email messaging, many companies are still beholden to paper for a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s the suppliers and government agencies that you deal with that demand faxes or paper forms of tax documents, invoice documents etc. At other times, it’s an example of old habits dying hard.


However, there are web-based tools to old paper problems that don’t require deploying a large network infrastructure. In fact, they will make you wonder how you managed to get things done in the dark ages of paper. And by making a small investment, you could save your business from wasteful reliance on paper materials while also saving money.

The following are some of the tools that would augment your drive towards paperless activity within your company:

Hello Sign – Electronic Signature

If you ever utilized Google Drive and stopped printing documents every day, you may still find yourself hitting CTRL+P every time an employee or management needs to sign something. Tax forms, invoicing, special delivers – business processes involve a lot of signatures, resulting in a lot of paper waste.

Hello Sign takes paper signage out of the picture by letting you sign documents digitally through your mobile device or web browser, without requiring to fax, print, or scan anything. Everything is secure, and the electronic signature is legally accepted by the IRS. Think of the potential cost-savings for our business just by implementing e-signatures in your practices.

Chrome River – Electronic Invoicing

Chrome River automates the invoice management process of your organization, making it simple for accounts payable tasks to bring immediate savings and more efficient functionality. The tool offers a streamlined interface to quickly accept all check requests and invoices for reducing paper handling.

Also, the organization’s invoices are received and delivered to the customer within a business day of receipt. The technology ‘CAPTURE’ offered within the tool takes care of all the labor intensive invoice processing – data extracting, scanning, double quality process control etc.) – and removes the front process from the company and delivers accurate data pertaining to invoices in an efficient manner that lets you go hands-free paperless.

Eventbrite – Electronic Event Planning

Does your company host regular conferences, trade shows and similar events? Eventbrite is a tool that will supplement your event planning efforts by letting you take ticketing to the next (paper free) level.

The tool lets you go paperless with electronic tickets, a digital check-in list for the attendees, and complete mobile payment options.

Nitro – PDF Converter

How can you expect to go paperless with those PDFs lurking around? When trying to convert them into other file formats for making changes, you may find yourself having to copy, print and even get out the white paper. Sigh.

Thankfully, Nitro lets you edit PDF files as if they are simple MS WORD documents. You can easily convert into the file format of your choice, make revisions, add new content and even make spreadsheets. And what’s even better is that Nitro can be accessed from anywhere and it works on almost every smartphone, tablet and PC out there.

What are your favorite tools for reducing paper wastes? Feel free to leave comments.

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