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How To Develop A Mobile Application That Sells

Mobile Application Development is one of the most important and an imperative move towards building your business. However, when everyone is armed with a mobile application how can you build your USP and be a crowd puller?

The solution might sound cliché or outright rudimentary, and I might encounter some raised eyebrowsas well. But, the fact is that everything boils down to introducing innovation and ensuring user engagement. Everyone knows this but surprisingly, the reason why most of the applications fail to impress is lack of innovation and the failure to keep users engaged.

Deliver a product that keeps the user interested and involved – Focus on user engagement

You might think that the mobile application you have developed is unique, until you find out that there are several other apps that are better designed, better prized and have more features to offer. So now where do you stand? Do you still expect your application to create ripples and sell like hot cakes?

Before you start Out to Build a Mobile App, “RESEARCH”

Understand the purpose- Why am I developing this app what is my goal? Now on these lines research for similar mobile web applications that are already available in the market. Analyze which app has what features, which apps failed and which are the ones that became popular. Survey the opinions and requirements of your enduser and brain storm ideas with your development team. With all this researched data in hand, “THINK” what is your unique value proposition.

mobile app development

What can you add to an already existing array of features? All this hard work, research and brainstorming you do in the early stages of mobile web application development will only make it easier to position, market and sell your product. During this research process, you will come across several interesting functionalities and useful features that you haven’t thought of before.

At this stage, you have too many ideas in mind and it is easy to get carried away. Recall your business goal and do not drift away from your goals.

By now you have generated a host of new ideas, and interface functions, however not all of them are equally useful. Put the less important ones into a repository for later use. From the remaining lot chose the most important interface functions and start with the first phase of your mobile app development project.

Organize your content and create information architecture. Give due importance to the look, feel and design of your application. Spend time on fine-tuning the design, balancing colors, finalizing the fonts and other such minor details that will build the appeal of your mobile web application.

Mobile Web Application Development and Testing

You can develop a fine grained application that keeps the user glued by adding interesting animations, interactivity, action sounds and quirky little features. These are small but very important aspects of mobile application design, as your users will essentially identify your application with these small features.

When the first phase development is done, test the application. See if all the control functions of the appare easy to use. There should be no obstructions, and all the features of the application should be easily accessible even when the mobile is operated by a single hand.

You will identify several problems in the design and interface of your application at this stage. Don’t hesitate to append any changes in the application.

Once the primary interface functions are developed and the necessary changes amended develop the application further with all the secondary functions. Finally beta test the mobile web application and tweak it further if required.

Don’t Hesitate: Take Feedbacks and Peer Reviews

Get your app reviewed by professionals and ask peers to give their opinions. This process will help you identify a lot of flaws that you were not able to identify on your own. Analyze the reviews; it is not necessary that you make all the changes as suggested by peers and professionals. Amend the changes as and where you feel essential and you are ready to go.

The Final Step – Advertise!

Create the best headlines and coming soon graphics for your mobile web application. Prepare demo videos and post them on review sites. Optimize the use of social media to promote your application. I think this is the easiest and the most effective way to reach out to your target audience.

Even the best products can trip and faces plant themselves, if they are not advertised across the right platforms.

To stand out get searched and noticed more than the others, optimize your mobile web application title and description. Use highly searched and relevant keywords to improve your search ranking. The title of your mobile application is searchable hence do not repeat the keyword in the title in your description. Use different keywords in the title and the description. Keep the title and description short sweet and engaging so that should add value to your product.

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