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5 Top Trending Android Apps for Summer 2014

If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet and rely on apps to plan your day, your week, and your summer, then top trending apps are on your radar. With the summer comes vacation, so apps that help make life easier are always welcome. For those of you who live and die by convenient apps or ones that make your business more efficient, consider these top trending Android apps for summer 2014.

1. Flixster (Free)

Flixster continues to be a top contender for Entertainment information. It gives the user access to show times, box office information, and assists in purchasing tickets. It’s the essential entertainment app for movies.

View high quality trailers from both theater and DVD releases. Search movies by their title, PMAA ratings, length, and movie star. You can also find listings of your local theater, as well as a map of how to get there. Critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes will even give you an idea if the movie is really something you want to see.

Summer is a big movie time, making Flixster is the perfect app to keep at your fingertips.

2. FlightBoard ($4)

If you’re boarding a plane this summer, FlightBoard is the app to help you find the right flight. It provides the status of flights from 4,000 airports worldwide. You’ll find arrivals, departures, gate numbers, and even aircraft models.

Filter your search results to show only the airline you’re interested in. In some cases, the app will provide updated gate and departure information before it’s displayed in the terminal. If you find yourself going anywhere by plane, this app will be a lifesaver.

3. Spotify (Free)

Spotify is the perfect app for relaxing while listening to your favorite tunes. Even if your summer is all about being on-the-go, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying your favorite music streaming from your smartphone.

Spotify is not only the best full-featured streaming app available, it also allows you to create your own playlists, sync tracks for offline listening, and follow your favorite music artist.

4. TheScore (Free)

Sports are a favorite pastime of the summer months, and this app will keep you up on all of them. It provides you with the baskets, goals, and touchdowns of everything from NASCAR to the NFL.

TheScore will quickly provide you with the latest score, as well as the biggest sport stories featured in the ‘Top News’ section. Customize the app so it follows your favorite team or player.

With “One-Tap” social sharing you can post or tweet the latest news about your favorite team with a high-quality image from any of the sections in this app. Do in-depth research with “Player Card Profiles,” then catch up with social media with interactive blogs, live chats, and key tweets.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re going to want this app, whether its summer or not.

5. Kindle for Android (Free)

While on vacation, you may hope for some time to catch up on your favorite books. Kindle for Android is the premier app for readers and works on all Android devices, including your computer.

Kindle has more than 850,000 books and over 100 newspapers and magazines to choose from. Kindle’s Whispersync technology will sync not only the last page you read, but also bookmarks, highlights, and notes, across all your Android devices.

This app also gives you five different font sizes to choose from, which you can change at the touch of a button. Jump to any section of the book, or access the table of contents all from the menu button. You can even search words or phrases through or Wikipedia from whichever page you’re on.

The Kindle App also allows you to go straight to the Kindle online store and buy a book that will be delivered wirelessly to your device in 60 seconds. If your inner bibliophile (book lover) comes out this summer, you’ll be lost without the Kindle App.

Try out the trending apps that will make this summer a little more enjoyable, no matter where you find yourself.

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