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Longer Battery Life for Samsung Phones

The mobile phone is used most of the time in transacting business with customers or with business partners. Throughout the day, your mobile phone either constantly rings or is used by you to make phone calls not only to one but several persons. Customers keep calling up either to make inquiries or place orders for your products or services. Your business partners keep your phone busy with their periodical queries regarding important decisions that have to be made during the day. Even when you are about to turn in for the night, you might still receive phone calls regarding your business.

samsung battery

It is for these reasons that your mobile phone needs sufficient power that will sustain it throughout the day especially if you happen to be in transit. Imagine what would happen if your mobile phone’€™s battery suddenly runs out while you are in the middle of an important business transaction. That would be a disaster for you indeed. The more complicated your situation would become if you can’€™t find a place where you can charge your phone. If you do find such place, it will take quite some time before your phone is fully charged and ready for use. By that time, you might have already lost an important customer.

This is why Samsung closed a deal with Anadigics Inc to provide more power for its phones through the dual-band ProEfficient-Plus power amplifiers. Anadigics is a company that designs and manufactures creative RF solutions for the ever growing cellular, WiFi, and infrastructure markets. The article Anadigics Amplifiers to Power Samsung explains this amplifier would improve the performance of your phone and make it more efficient as you use it in managing your business. Here are the other benefits that could be had from having such an amplifier in a mobile phone.

More Compact Mobile Phones

The evolving design of the mobile phone continues to make it more compact for everyday use. Being a businessman who is always on the move, you would like to have a phone that you could easily hold or fit inside your pocket, bag, or car compartment. Gone are the days when businessmen carry phones that are too bulky in the design. Innovations such as well-integrated dual-band width configurations have helped minimize radio frequency space requirements. During the early days of the mobile phone, a wider radio frequency would need a much bigger phone. But with today’s technology, even small mobile phones can cover a much wider radio frequency. That is why Samsung was able to launch newer and better products such as 4.3-inch Galaxy S4 mini smartphone which has an 8 megapixel camera and the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Longer Battery Life

Anadigics Inc has kept Samsung in the thick of the competition for its share of customers buying mobile phones. Through its ProEfficient-Plus power amplifiers, it has given Samsung phones longer battery life. Mobile phones with a long battery life which is important to any user particularly the businessman. Because of this, he/she is able to use the mobile phone for a longer period of time. This feature is particularly useful in situations wherein a businessman needs to talk to a customer or a business associate for a much longer period of time. This feature also allows him to use his/her mobile continuously without having to worry about his/her mobile phone suddenly losing power while he/she is in the middle of a business transaction.

The ProEfficient-Plus power amplifiers are a great innovation in the sense that they do not only allow companies like Samsung to develop more compact phones; they also allow users to maximize the capabilities of their phones because of a longer battery life.

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  1. Pramod

    September 5, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Anadigics inc seems to be one of the best organizations of the world. Thanks for making us aware of all these facts ..i didn’t know that ProEfficient-Plus amplifiers are used by Samsung until i read this post .


  2. Heather Brigs

    January 9, 2014 at 1:05 am

    I think this is true! I noticed that Samsung Galaxy phone’s battery life is longer than my iPhone.

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