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Top Fashion Apps Your Style Designer Would Recommend

There are countless applications out there that are specifically designed for smart phones and other mobile devices. Not only are there numerous apps, but there is also a wide variety of apps. In fact, you can find applications in almost every category, including recipes, food, games, movies, entertainment, news, education, and much more. However, many people do not know that there are many applications that are solely made for fashion. There are so many of these applications, in fact, that you may have trouble finding the best ones. Therefore, I put together ten of the best applications for fashion. Shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts will love these applications.

# The Fab App

This smartphone application was created by the popular fashion website, Fab not only allows you to easily browse and shop for highly fashionable clothe items, but it also allows its users to share items they have found. Using the Fab application makes your shopping experience so much more enjoyable and convenient because this app separates the clothing items into numerous specific categories. This allows the user to easily find a specific type of clothing item. You will also have access to images of the products you are considering. The only drawback of this application is that it is made solely for people in the USA. In other words, people outside of the USA cannot make use of this fashion application.

# Viss App

Viss is primarily designed for fashion enthusiasts to share styles and discover new styles. It is more of a social networking application than a shopping application. Nevertheless, an user can easily find many new fashion clothing items on this application.

# Mark: Trends Application

As the name suggests, this application helps you stay updated with the latest trends in fashion. You will also have access to high quality images that are similar to images found in fashion magazines. Even if you are not very attracted to fashion, you will still enjoy using this app.

# Fashion Trend App

Fashion Trend gives you a glimpse into various recent collections provided by famous fashion designers. For instance, you will find collections from Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, and many other designers.

# Fashion Freax App (Street Styles)

This is another great app for people who love sharing their styles. Many users of this application share the styles they use on a daily basis. You can share your own styles as well as learn new styles from this popular fashion application.

# Stylish Girl Application

This app is ideal for people who want to prepare in advance on what to wear. You can upload pictures of your clothing items onto this application and store them in your virtual closet. This app has a built-in calendar, which allows you to use those pictures in your virtual “closet”. This will help you prepare in advanced on what you want to wear to specific occasions.

# Beautylish App

This application gives you highly useful tips that can be used to improve your health, beauty, and fashion. It mostly provides make up ideas and tutorials that any girl can make use of. This application is an extension of the well known website called

# Fashion Kaleidoscope App

This application focuses on giving users ideas on various street fashion styles. If you are interested in a specific picture, then you can easily find related styles and pictures if you click/touch the picture.

# Pose App

Also only available in the USA, Pose is basically a very large network of fashion and style designers. You can use this application to make purchases. You can also use it to check out the latest styles that are popular among fashion professionals.

# Fashiolista Application

A great social network application that allows you to find the latest popular fashion items. You cannot upload your own pictures of clothing, but you can follow other users of this application. Fortunately, you can post links and see other people’s links of fashion items.

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