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Let Technology Find You Just the Perfect Parking Spot

First cars are always special – there are so many dreams associated with them. The dream is to drive around town with the window down and wind in our hair. But the moment you have to stop driving and find a spot to park, this same ride turns from a dream into a nightmare! Living in a busy city has its pros but finding a parking spot can be one of the hardest things to do.

Thankfully, technology comes to our rescue and has opened up many avenues to help us turn this nightmare into a simple everyday task. There are plenty of apps and websites that are perfect to help vehicle owners locate easily to use and pay for parking spots, paid lots and garages.

You can download some cool apps to help solve your parking space problems.

Park Ninja

Park Ninja lets users look for parking lots that are near them, and then conveniently reserve the spot and pay for it using a credit card (they also accept Gcash). To finalize the transaction, the user will get a ticket that confirms the reservation process.


This app helps users look for parking space in the destination of their choice and then reserve that space by placing a call to DIBZ. Then you just simply drive to the spot using GPS.


Fetch works by first asking users for information on their destination, as well as 5 pickup points. The user will then receive data on the valet who will be picking up the car from the location and parking it at a secure location nearby.


Users get to rent safe parking spots at low costs for a short or long period of time. The platform is beneficial for both, the people renting the space as well the ones whose space it is!

Drivers can also look for malls that have electronic parking spot finders, allowing you to conveniently know whether there is a parking spot available or not. They work by using electronic signs that glow green if there is a vacant space or red if there isn’t. This reduces the unnecessary time drivers spend taking rounds of a parking lot looking for free space. Digital news and information websites can also help you find out more about such technology and let you live an easier driving life!

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