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WordPress Themes have been the Game Changer that has made Website Making a Cakewalk for all

What kind of design should you prefer for a new website – conventional design or something unique?  People often face the dilemma, and in most cases, the scale tilts a little more in favor of conventional designs. It is quite natural when you know that you have to live up to the expectations of web users who have become accustomed to some standards. Since providing the best user experience is the objective of any web design, it is thus normal to have a bias for conventional web design.

Users expect the design elements to appear at specific places irrespective of websites so that it becomes easy to navigate across a known territory. No matter which website they browse, they would know where to look for the hamburger menu or the top menu navigation bar. Web developers also find it easy to choose a design layout that has little surprises with everything being quite predictable that makes their task easy. Changing the conventional layout especially in the placement of the top menu can be risky, as viewers would turn back if they do not find the menu at the fixed place that they know about.

Striking a balance

Sticking to conventions could make websites stereotypes and reduce its attraction. You know what happens when you serve old wine in a new bottle, as you just cannot offer anything new that could excite the audience. For being creative and effective in web design, you must strike a balance between the unique elements and the conventional ones that produce a design that is very much your own.

When you are using dynamic WordPress themes, you achieve the goal of creating a design that despite following the convention has elements that make it unique. No two WordPress themes are same, and the uniqueness does not come in the way of user experience, a fear that often drives web designers to tread the known path of conventional designs. Custom website development is very much possible with WordPress themes.

Exceeding user expectation

Web designers have a role to play in creating the right expectations of users because what they had done earlier has now become a standard or convention. Now if they change the mold and serve something new by choosing unique WordPress themes, it would mark the beginning of the process of creating new standards that the users would gradually become comfortable in using.

By trying to do something new and different, web designers can aim at exceeding user expectations because WordPress themes give endless opportunities for exploring your creativity and imagination without limits. The changes that designers are now making provides unique user experience and conveys more value that makes the website visit a memorable experience and encourages visitors to come back time and again. The move can enhance your marketing efforts as the website receives good sharing by its attractive design.

Do it yourself

WordPress themes are so user-friendly that you can create your website in minutes. It does not require any knowledge of web design and development to create WordPress websites. However, creating a website that is highly functional for marketing would require knowledge and experience for which you have to depend on professional web designers.

WordPress websites are cheaper

When web designers create websites from scratch by using HTML and PHP, it entails a lot of hard work, good knowledge, and experience and takes the time that adds to the cost. With WordPress themes, you have the website template readily available, and by some smart editing, you can give it the looks and functions you desire.

The process of web development is cut short drastically with optimization made easy with WordPress plugins and the entire process entails much lower cost than what you would have to spend for creating websites by following the traditional methods of web design and development.

As WordPress is an open source format, it allows you to customize the design in the way you want.  By using WordPress plugins, you can achieve any functionality to reinforce your marketing campaign.  If you ever find that plugins are not enough to meet your requirements, you can take help from WordPress developers who can re-program that plugin to include the features you want.

Web designers want to do it in their way

It seems that the ego of web designers have taken a hit ever since the advent of WordPress themes that make it appear as if their task is quite easy. Developing a website from scratch is not at all easy, and despite the availability of WordPress themes, a large section of web designers still want to create websites from scratch just to satisfy their ego and protect their earning.

This is the reason why despite the popularity of WordPress, its acceptance among web developers is not yet as much as it should have been. However, 15% of the top grossing websites use WordPress not only as a CMS but also for creating websites. The trend is catching up fast, and the popularity of WordPress is always on the upswing. Bespoke web designs will always have its place, but users have to align it with WordPress CMS which is the most popular and user-friendly CMS with no parallel.

The stranglehold of web designers is on the decline

Web designers face the threat of losing their bread and butter, and it is perhaps from a sense of insecurity that they want to keep away from using WordPress themes.  It is now possible for any person with some basic knowledge in the computer to create a WordPress website without any assistance from web designers, as it does not require any technical knowledge or codes.

The threat perceived by web designers might not be very wrong and their resistance quite logical too, but you have to respect the progress of technology and keep in mind the ease of users above everything.

WordPress themes have been game changers that have released websites from the confines of web designers and made it easily available for all.

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David Wicks is blogger and writer. He enjoy writing posts more on fashion, technology and more other which are helpful to readers. He also like to spend more time on social media.

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