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Learn to Develop SEO Rankings with Google Plus

Every business owner’s dream is to have their pages rank high on Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo. Ranking on the first page of the search results by any of these search engines assures you of 95% of the web traffic. Google Plus is a social media site owned by Google. It helps you increase your online visibility by enhancing on-page SEO services. Also, Google Plus helps to perfect on-page SEO services. Always use Google tools to set your search results for your keywords. While this tool is helpful, there are savvy ways to increase your on-page SEO services. For example, you can use Google Plus, as I will show you.

Linking your Web page to your Google Plus Account

Post the web address to your Google Plus account. It is one of the nifty tricks to ensure a high ranking of on-page SEO services. This method works wonders. It shows the search engine that your web page is reliable as it links to a verified Google account. The more web pages linked to your account, the higher the on-page SEO services. You even have a better advantage if the page is Google Plus.

Complete your Profile

You may wish to increase your on-page SEO services using your Google Plus account. But, if your profile is incomplete, this will be an uphill task. The only need for a Google Plus account is a Gmail account; but, this is not enough. Spice your About page when you set up your Google Plus account to make it worth reading and attractive. It is good to add further details like a photo to your profile, and address, among others. These details are also crucial in increasing the number of followers. Web users are likely to follow someone who has more information about themselves. Also, add meta-descriptions for the keywords to boost on-page SEO services. The meta-description has keywords on the type of website and related articles.

Set up Authorship with Google Plus

Do you have several articles online? Well, it is time to boost your online presence and on-page SEO services. Do this by adding author attribution using Google Plus. Show your credibility by linking your published articles to your Google Plus account. You achieve this by adding your Gmail email accounts to the items you have online. Also, you can input your Google Plus account’s URL to raise the on-page SEO services. This method makes it easy for the Google algorithm to rank your site. Also, every Gmail account links with a Google Plus account.

Add the Number of Followers

You get more popular with people by the number of followers you have on social media sites. So, it is wise to accumulate as many followers as you can. The followers on your Google Plus act as social proof for the content you generate online. This trick is one of the best ways to increase on-page SEO services. People with more followers can attest to this claim. Users with more followers can get more engagements. It leads to more traffic and a higher ranking on Google.

Post-high-quality content

It will be hard to have high on-page SEO services and Google ranking when you have low-quality or no content. You get traffic because of high-quality content with excellent grammar. Focus on a single niche that will cause your clients to come to you. Be it a business website or a blog, curate your content to be attractive and informative. Make yourself visible by engaging your audience on social media platforms. Link all other social media platforms with your Google plPlusccount. It helps to increase on-page SEO services.


Seo Ranking has not been easy for many website owners. But, Google plPlusas made all the work easier. You only need to implement the above points and watch your site rank high on Google.

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Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launch their first successful online business.

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