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How Test Automation can be Successful in an Agile Environment

The development of software is a complex process. Considering the importance of a special framework for this process, architects come up with life cycle innovations, from the waterfall model to the agile software development model. Many businesses today, adopting agile development approaches are switching to automation testing to cope with continuous development and delivery.

Testing is fundamental to product engineering. Automation testing in this regard, helps meet the potent demands of an agile environment, while delivering quick and efficient results.

Unfortunately, lots of test automation efforts fail and do not reach their desired maximum potential. Automation testing companies must be more careful while testing in agile development. The main reason why automation tests efforts fail can be as;

Expectations and Lack of Attention

Many people including Q/A team members, consider test automation as a one-stop solution for all the bottlenecks involved in the life-cycle phase. Automation testing does not work as a magic trick, with a press of a button all of the testing can be done.

Instead every procedure or method may take time and teams must be able to digest it hard, for the appropriate results i.e;

  • Implementation of test automation requires time, effort, and  skills
  • Automation supports testers, not replaces them

The other cause of result in the failure of test automation is the time that the development team allows for creating and maintaining, effective yet efficient automated solutions.

Top 3 ways to make Effective Automation in Agile Environment

Below we have covered some of the ways through which you can ensure the success of your automation testing in agile development methodology.

Parallel Testing

Test Time can be reduced to a significant extent if testers execute parallel testing first i.e. running multiple test threads simultaneously. Parallel testing helps improve automation processes as well as improve team performance and productivity. Also allows your testers to invest time in exploratory testing and debugging the issues.

Wise selection of Automation tool

Choosing your automation tool wisely also depicts your testing success rate. The market is chock-full with a variety of test automation tools, and test automation companies need to be more cognizant while opting for automation practices. Better opt for a tool that is best compatible with your project requirements.

Monitoring Development Environment

It is crucial to understand the functionality of all the environments associated with your product development and to monitor your developers and processes continuously to avoid bugs.

Quality Tests

Building robust tests is another key factor to be considered. Quality test scripts must be developed by the testers that can be integrated with regression testing.

DevOps Integration

The prinprinciplemerging the development, testing, and operations roles is DevOps. DevOps assists in collaboration and cross-functioning across the same team which is crucial for the efficient delivery of software development processes.


Agile processes have geared up businesses and advanced software development environments. To cope with agile methods, not just knowledge is required instead plenty of potential resources are also a primary requirement, who must be able to tackle the latest trends and technologies.

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Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing with Kualitatem – Software Testing Company. He has worked with several clients from all over the globe to offer his services in various domains with a proven track record of success.

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