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Law Essay Help Online Services – Weird and Funny Laws Students May Break Without Realizing

Students in the United Kingdom face trouble in law school. They have an overwhelming number of classes and lectures to attend, legal coursework to complete, and essays or assignments to manage. And that doesn’t include their part-time jobs or personal life issues that may also weigh them down. So, students have their work cut out for the year ahead.

Most students in those situations think to themselves, “It would be nice if someone could write my law essay for me.” After all, how can they get done with so much to manage? Fortunately, our law essay helps online services know how students feel. We understand the immense pressure that law academia places on your shoulders. Therefore, we provide everything from assignment writing to commercial law essay help online.

However, we want to brighten your day. So, instead of focusing on complex laws and study help tips, we have interesting topics students will enjoy. So, today, we’re going to discuss and look at a few of the hilarious laws that exist within the United Kingdom. So, without delaying any further, let’s dive in!

Why is Reading Fun Law Essay Help Online Service Topics Good for You?

While most students struggle with their work, it’s important to understand why you may need to take a break! After all, working so hard and under constant pressure is extremely bad for you. We understand what you’re dealing with. But if you’re thinking, “I can’t take breaks! I have to complete my essays and coursework! “You need to stop and breathe.” Panic won’t do you any good.

Our law essay helps online services understand every student’s problem. That’s why we know high-stress levels are quite common among them. Students in the UK face several challenges, which only lead to anxiety, pressure, and a strain on their mental health. Therefore, we find the best solution for students is to use specific measures to reduce stress.

Reading about a fun topic can be a good break that allows your mind to rest and recover. Thus, you can work harder and faster once you start up again. So, that’s why we have a topic on funny and weird laws to take your mind off the complex issues.

A Compilation of Funny and Weird Laws by Our Law Essay Help Online Services

The United Kingdom has been around for longer than most people realize. And in that time, there have been several ups and downs in terms of the law. But did you know some make no sense? Well, that’s why we’ve put together a list of a few strange laws students can read about.

Being drunk in a pub is illegal

That’s right. Despite people going to a pub specifically to drink, it is illegal for you to be drunk in one. The 1839 Metropolitan Police Act states that a “keeper of a public house” cannot “permit drunkenness onpremises.” And with the 2003 Licensing Act, serving alcohol to already intoxicated patrons or purchasing alcohol on behalf of an already drunk person will be seen as illegal. So, be careful if you’re going out to the pub! You might just get a £200 fine.

It is illegal to carry a plank of wood along a pavement

This is one law that tradesmen and builders will find silly. But the Metropolitan Police Act Section 54 states that you cannot carry a plank of wood in London along a pavement. And the best part is that it is only allowed if it is unloaded from a van. So, if you think you’re safe because you don’t walk around with wood planks, that’s okay. However, the Police Act goes even further beyond that. It also includes ladders, poles, and wheels. However, the worst part is now fine, rounding out to a massive £500.

Running Away After Knocking on Someone’s Front Door is Illegal

Now that’s a pretty specific law. Kids always play pranks. And with the rise of TikTok, the door-knocking trend is pretty popular. So, many people are now knocking on doors and running away as a prank. But knock-down ginger is illegal in the UK! So, you better be careful. According to the same Metropolitan Police Act from 1839, playing this harmless childhood game is a crime. If the police catch you “willfully and wantonly” engaging in “disturbing any inhabitant without a lawful excuse,” you can be prosecuted and jailed for up to a year! And as for the fine? That’s going to be £500.

Handling a Salmon While Looking Suspicious is an Offence

The salmon law is extremely funny because it makes no sense. That’s why we put it on our list! So, if you handle your salmon suspiciously in the street, can they criminally charge you? Well, this law does have some reasoning behind it. But first, we simply need to analyze the context to get the full picture.

The Salmon Act of 1986 was intended to target the prevention of the illegal fish trade. So, it doesn’t mean they will criminalize you for suspiciously walking down a dark alley with a fish. Instead, it’s from a time when people sold fish using illegal trading methods. Thus, resulting in government action

It is illegal to pay with your phone while your car is running at a drive-through

Next, we come to another ridiculous law from 2003 surrounding mobile phones. They outline and state certain times when it is illegal to use a phone while driving. As a result, if you’re using or handling a phone while your car’s engine is running, you’re technically using it.

However, this law is no joke, no matter how funny it sounds. Even if you’re paying with your phone at a drive-through, the punishments are quite severe.

So, the next time you’re pulling up to a drive-through and using your phone, you could get a fine of up to £200. But that’s not the worst part. You can also get six penalty points if the police spot you!

Putting a British Stamp Upside down on Your Letter is Treason

Another one of those whacky old laws. But this one is a little silly, considering that we can easily lose track of a stamp’s orientation if we’re in a hurry. But the Treason Felony Act of 1848 says it’s treason! According to this law, the act of sticking a stamp upside down is intended to dispose of the monarch. As a result, the crown has been accused of treason.

So, if you’re feeling risky and put your stamp the wrong way up, you can technically face imprisonment.

Sliding on ice and snow in London isn’t allowed

We all think of running outside in the snow and jumping in or sliding around. But the act is banned in London. Going on “ice or snow in any street” results in a “common danger” to other people. But what law states this? Well, it’s another one from the Metropolitan Police Act of 1989.

People guilty of this crime can face fines of up to £500. So maybe it’s more accurate to call them the fun police. But if sliding on ice is your thing, we’re very sorry, but it isn’t allowed.


In the end, there are many wild, crazy, and funny laws in the UK. And we recommend students check them out to learn more about how legal matters evolve. In addition, we hope you enjoyed the list of funny and wild laws provided by our law essay help online services. But please, if you’re going to try any of the above, we recommend you do them at your own risk. You might face legal repercussions. And remember, always take breaks between learning and studying to let your mind rest, which was the whole point of this write-up. After all, you need to ease all that stress out of your mind and body. So, try using our techniques to help you learn and score well.

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