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IT Outsourcing – Why Is It Necessary?

Do you want maximum revenue for your small business? Do you want to minimize your expenses? Do you want access to specialized skill sets and professional services at minimal cost? Would you like to have more time to concentrate on your core business? Would you like to save time as well as money and infrastructure? Business Outsourcing is the best solution for all these questions, if your answer is yes.


There are many tasks and services that are vital for daily business operations. Yet, they might divert you from other important work. This is where outsourcing your business service comes in real handy. Outsourcing your vital IT operations to experts can free up your time as well as vital resources, which can then be devoted to furthering the success of your business. Outsourcing the services, such as small business answering services, allows professionals to manage the non-strategic processes providing you with peace of mind as well as competitive advantage.  Small businesses are benefitting from outsourcing a wide range of services, right from accounting, payroll and human resources to customer services, such as using business answering services.

Importance of Outsourcing

Examine this scenario – you are running a small business and the phone is constantly ringing; your employees are harassed, working overtime trying to handle the workload and answering the phone at the same time; your website is agog with activity. Of course, all these are welcome signs, but efficiency in business is the key to its success. For efficiency, you need to focus on the core activities of your business, which you should keep in house. The non-core activities can be outsourced to give you more room to focus on your core activities.

The Time Zone Advantage

Another advantage of business outsourcing for non-core activities is that it offers you the time zone advantage. Long after your employees have gone home, critical work can be completed and sent to you at the beginning of the new day. The work is continued by your outsourcing partner and thereby, the work is completed much faster offering you a competitive advantage

Cost Effective

It can be more cost effective to let someone else take care of non-core activities, such as handling calls from customers and prospective clients. Such business outsourcing helps you avoid unnecessary capital expenditure and operating costs. You can thus use your internal resources for critical and core operations of your business. You will see a great increase in your profits as well as your productivity. You can save on time and effort as well as manpower and infrastructure. You can also save on costs related to training, as you do not have to invest in the necessary manpower.

Specialized Services

With business outsourcing, such as small business answering services, you get skilled services. Answering clients might not be your core competency, whereas the outsourcing service is specialized in that particular business and can offer proficient solutions.

Telephone Services

Creating and operating a call center of your own needs a lot of investment not to speak of skill set. This could distract your company from its core business. Hence, you find many companies outsourcing their telephone services to small business answering services. All inbound as well as outgoing call requirements can be handled by such services competently and professionally. You can receive cost effective solutions. They can also be customized in order to meet your specific needs. The agents at such centers are trained and friendly and you can be assured that courtesy will be extended to your customers and prospective clients.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Using a small business answering service can make your small business look larger and will be more appealing to prospective customers. Customers receive better service round the clock and get 24/7 support for all their queries from business outsourcing. You can even opt for after-hour service or completely outsource the service, with the service being provided by phone or by chat or email as well, according to your specific needs. You can also make quicker deliveries to your customers, which will help you save time and keep the customers happy and loyal and coming back for more.

Remain Focused

The important message here is that outsourcing some of your business activity is here to stay. Small business answering services let you concentrate on the core or key aspects of the business, so that other functions can be handed over to services, such as business answering services. All you need to do is to monitor the efficiency of the service and you will be well on your way to rapid success as well as growth of the business.

You need to remain focused on making profits and keeping your customers happy. Tasks, such as answering phone calls from your clients and prospective customers, do not directly increase your profits. Hence, such tasks are ideally fit for outsourcing. This will result in ensuring that not a single call from your customers is ever missed.

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  1. Shalin

    August 6, 2013 at 11:33 am

    In today’s world everything is business. And cost per copy has gone up in commercial software. Outsourcing to off shore small companies has always been cheap and effective. I think that is the reason.

    • Alleli

      August 14, 2013 at 5:10 am

      Yes, you are right on the spot, Shalin!

  2. Larson German

    August 6, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Globalization is one of the key driving factors, that’s a given but the outsourcing is soon going to see a change from cost metric to time/service metric..

  3. George

    August 16, 2013 at 10:59 am

    IT Outsourcing is necessary because developing software can be outside of a company’s core competencies, and employing and maintaining a developer team plus building the necessary infrastructure might be time consuming and over the budget, therefore this will be the best solution.

    Also, using outsourcing, not only that your organization will save money, but also would have the resources and time to focus on the core functions of the business, like you’ve stated in this article.

  4. Larson German

    August 18, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Yup! That’s spot on..

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